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John's World Top 30 Dance/Club Songs of 2012, Part 1: #'s 30-21

Happy New Year 2013 to all of my fellow dance music fans.  For the second year in a row I've decided to tackle my 30 favorite dance/club songs of the year 2012.  Please keep in mind that though I've checked out a lot of other top dance song lists for the year, my tastes are different and unique to me, and so the songs you see here may or may not be included in what the 'experts' say.

Like last year, I will be posting these in three separate posts of ten songs, in descending order.  As always, comments are appreciated.  And here we go...

#30 - Back in Time - Pitbull

Pitbull wasn't as hot this year as a solo artist as he's been in the past, and this song, from the film Men in Black 3, was his biggest of the year.  Sampling a 50's hit, Love is Strange, by Mickey and Sylvia, the familiarity of the music got this one noticed.

#29 - Domino - Jessie J

Dirty dancing in the moonlight
Take me down like I'm a domino

This pleasant song from Brit pop songstress Jessie J was the only mainstream hit for the singer.  Check out the video for Domino.

#28 - Turn Me On - David Guetta, featuring Nicki Minaj

David Guetta's 2011 album Nothing But the Beat carried over into the year 2012 and this one is still getting airplay in the clubs.  It turns out Nicki Minaj is not only a gifted rapper, but a songwriter and singer, as well.

David Guetta - Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj) by DavidGuetta-Official

#27 - Parking Lot - Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado is not as popular as she once was, unfortunately, but damn, I still like her!  She unceremoniously released her 5th studio album, Spirit Indestructible, in the early fall and I just found this one so danceable.  Check out Parking Lot right here on John's World.

#26 - I Wanna See You Dance - Kat Deluna

This Euro sounding, tropical flavored gem was this year's Stereo Love, though a little more up tempo.  Check out I Wanna See You Dance.

#25 - We'll Be Coming Back - Calvin Harris, featuring Example

The year 2012 was when I and many others discovered who Calvin Harris was.  Ii only first heard his name when he was connected to Rihanna's We Found Love, and earlier this year I decided to check his music out.  I'm glad I did because he's got not one, not two, but four songs on this countdown.  This first one combines a nice dance music track with equally good lyrics, and much like other Harris tracks, it's not rough around the edges at all, but kinda smooth.  Check out We'll Be Coming Back on John's World.

#24 - Can't Stop - Martin Solveig

Another deejay/producer who I really got into this year was Martin Solveig.  His tracks all have a similar, frenzied feel to them and they're all danceable as hell!  Check out Can't Stop.


#23 - I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris, featuring Elie Goulding

Here's another one from Harris, this time featuring fellow Brit Elie Goulding.  This one's off his latest, 18 Months, and you may not have heard it yet, but you will soon, at least on John's World.  If you simply can't wait (hint), check out I Need Your Love.

#22 - Titanium - David Guetta, featuring Sia

Another one off Guetta's Nothing But the Beat, this one still keeps a rolling.  Great, great song!

David Guetta Feat. Sia - Titanium from David Wilson on Vimeo.

ryan seacrest

#21 - Goin In - Jennifer Lopez, featuring Flo Rida and Lil John

J-Lo put out a greatest hits set this year that featured two new songs, Dance Again and this one, featuring hot rapper Flo Rida.  This one's fast, frenzied and fun!

Tonight, feels like, we can do anything we like
Tonight, feel like, the best night of my life
I'm goin in, I'm goin in...

Check out Goin In.

Well there you have it, the first ten songs on our Top 30 Countdown of my favorite dance/club songs of 2012.  Stay tuned for #'s 20-11 coming real soon, and if you like, check out last year's list below.  In the meantime, I feel like dancing...

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