Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Gaga's "Heavy Metal Lover" the right choice to be the next single?

Pop culture website Popcrush is reporting this morning that Lady Gaga has decided on what will be the next single off of 2011's "Born This Way" album, and "Heavy Metal Lover" is the choice, and in my opinion not the best one.

Though there's been a lot of negativity towards this album from the get-go, no one can call it a flop by any means. Four of its five singles thus far have hit the top ten ("Born This Way," "Judas," "The Edge of Glory," and "You & I"), while the most recent one, "Marry the Night," has barely cracked the Top 100.

As I've said before, even though this one is way different from her "Fame/Fame Monster" records, it's a good album nonetheless, and I can think of at least three other songs that would probably do better than this gothy, synthy track.

Three songs on "Born This Way" immediately come to mind when I think of what would do well on the charts. Each of them would classify as pure pop songs, with catchy choruses and equally appealing music tracks. The three songs I'm talking about are "Hair," "Fashion of His Love," and "Bad Kid." If you don't know em and would like to check them out, just click on the title to be taken to the song on YouTube and see if you agree with me.

Reports say that Gaga will be performing "Heavy Metal Lover" at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12th. (Reports that Gaga will be both opening and closing that show are still just speculation at this time.) By then we'll see what kind of reception the song gets. As for me, well...what do I know?

Here's a homemade video featuring the song. Check it out and see what you think. As always, comments are appreciated.

Heavy Metal Lover - Born This Way

Image Source; Popcrush


  1. I think Heavy Metal lover will be Lady Gaga's next big single. I think it could reach number 1. All of her fans are begging for it to be the next single as well as numerous online polls have shown that its the most wanted song to be the next single.

  2. Ok, well cool then...we'll just have to see what happens. Thanks for the comment!