Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Song of the Day - Try Me, I know We Can Make It - Donna Summer

Yesterday I found myself back in the car on the long route to work where I returned to going through all of the music on my iPod. The last time I had done it was before the Christmas break and I was somewhere in the "T's." I continued on and got to hear a lot of great stuff of all different artists and genres, stuff I don't normally listen to, like "That Girl," by Maxi Priest, "They Don't Know," by Tracey Ullman,"Thieves in the Temple," by Prince, and a whole lot more, but when I got to this one, I knew I had my song for the day.

I first remember hearing "Try Me" on Donna Summer's first greatest hits album, "On the Radio." That album came out towards the end of disco days and recapped nicely all that Donna had contributed to the movement. The album was a continuous mix and fabulously done, too, especially when this one segues into the next tune on the record, "I Feel Love." Still one of the coolest mixes ever, especially from that era.

Anyway, I hadn't known this song until that album and it quickly became a favorite for all it's repetitive, hypnotic and sensual rhythms. Like much of Donna Summer's music from back then, it is very well written and arranged and it's a classic dance tune! Enjoy!

On the Radio - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2 - Donna Summer

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