Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15th, 2012 - Return to Splash/Ritz; Two B'day Celebrations; Writing

Brrrr!!! It is absolutely freezing outside today. Fortunately, there’s no precipitation in the forecast, so it looks like we will continue our winter of no snow, at least for now. And they say this bitter cold, with temps in the teens, will subside in a day or so. Thank goodness for that!

Splash/Ritz Saturday

For the first time in awhile I returned to Splash and the Ritz last night. With the holidays falling on Saturday nights this year and me realizing that staying home equals saving money, I’ve stayed away from the city for about a month, and it was nice to get back yesterday.

All in all it was a good night. I can’t remember who the deejay was, and I can’t for the life of me find any of the flyers I saw for it online, but he was good! I worked up a sweat pretty quickly before heading off to Ritz like I usually do, only the Ritz was not fun last night. As it happens sometimes, the crowds in the small place get way too big to have any fun and I didn’t last very long. Moving five feet forward in the place took a myriad of maneuvers and way too much time. Oh well, that’s the gamble of going there!

Me and the birthday girl from last summer

Two B’day Celebrations on Tap

Even though I wish I could just stay inside on this very cold day, I cannot. I’ve got two birthday celebrations to attend to today, one for my pal Vera’s daughter Bella and the other for me. Even though I detest kid’s birthday parties, Vera is like family to me and so I will venture out for her, and then afterwards my pal Laura Kim is taking me out for my much belated birthday dinner, something we do together for our special days. We’re heading to Perabell’s in Patchogue and I am very much looking forward to that!

American Greetings

Writing, sigh!

Though I’d really love to get writing today, there is little time for it. I’m going to give a try penning at least one thing before the day’s festivities begin in a couple of hours. I’m just not sure which to do, a blog post, an Examiner piece or a Yahoo one. I’ve got stuff planned for all three, I just need to decide which to tackle first! Have a great Sunday and thanks for checking in! Stay warm, too!

Image Source: allanstanglin

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