Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8th, 2012 - Can-Can Crazies; A Long Week

Today is Sunday, January 8th and here on Long Island it feels more like March 8th. The weather has been really beautiful the past couple of days after that short cold spell earlier in the week and even though it’s nice, it’s a little scary, too! I mean, yesterday it hit 62 degrees! Where is the snow? Believe me, I am NOT complaining, hehe.

Can-Can Crazies

I woke up with a plan this morning, and that was to go to the supermarket early. I needed milk for my morning coffee and I figured it’d be nice and easy to get my shopping over and done with so early in the morning. Not! It figures, the one time I get up early on a Sunday morning and decide to run to the supermarket, the new Shoprite in town is having their “Can-Can” sale.

I arrived at the store a little before 9AM, an ungodly time for me on a Sunday, and the place was packed. Who knew that so many people were up that early on a Sunday morning? As you might expect in such a crowded supermarket, it was crazy….can-cans everywhere, and people were crowding the aisles, bumping carts like crazy, and not being so nice about it. I don’t think I’ve said “excuse me” that many times in one hour. Yes, that’s right, an hour! What should have taken about 20 minutes, because I only needed a few things, ended up taking a whole hour. Grrrrrr!!!! I never knew that a can sale would cause such a ruckus.

Home alone at the end of a crazy week

The reason I was able to get up so early this morning was that I actually stayed home last night. It was the third straight Saturday I didn’t go to the city. What’s happening to me, hehe? Nah, even though I was in the mood to go out last night, I thought better of it both money-wise and health-wise. I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday and in retrospect I’m glad I stayed ‘en casa.’

I don’t know, but for some reason whenever there’s a short week, it always feels like a long one, and this week was no exception. I commented on Facebook that Tuesday night felt like Monday night, which was a good thing, but then I woke up on Wednesday morning thinking it was Thursday only to realize that it was Wednesday….WTF???

Friday was the worst day of all. Friday was one of those “Ziggy” days that I get to experience once in awhile. From the moment I woke up to one of the cats puking on my dining room floor until the time I laid my head on my pillow, things, intangible things, seemed to happen all the way through.

I won’t bore you with all of the little things that happened, like my remote control to my TV not working to not having enough cash on me at the deli in the afternoon, but there was one thing that happened that really wore me down.

In the afternoon at school, I caught one of my long-time students attempting to steal an iPod from me. It’s a long story, but it hurt me. This particular student has been with me for a little over three years now and he’s kind of special to me. I don’t think he meant anything maliciously, but nonetheless he did think about it (though he never actually attempted it!). Now our trust is broken and it’s going to take a long time for him to earn it back again.

Needless to say that was upsetting and after napping for a couple of hours when I got home, I found myself not too enamored with doing anything, I went to sleep a little after nine so I could just forget about my day and move on.

This was the first week I’ve been trying to do things differently, without a lot of success. I spent quite a few nights not writing and getting some things done around the house, and it’s definitely an improvement, but it’s still not where I want to be. Being a 25/7, I tend to spread myself too thin, and I’m having a really hard time not being that way, but real improvement takes time, right? Slow and steady wins the race!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m in the middle of yet a million things once again and I’ve got a date to make in just a couple of hours. Have a great Sunday everybody!

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