Thursday, January 12, 2012

Song of the Day - Your Loving Arms - Billie Ray Martin

I am actually surprised that I haven't featured this song before today. You see, for awhile there back in the mid-nineties, I ate, drank and breathed Billie Ray Martin for months, and it all started with this wonderful song. "Your Loving Arms" is a typical, mid-nineties club song, with an upbeat and very melodic dance track, and there was something about her rich voice that made the song as good as it was. I remember badly wanting more of this type of music and so I eagerly sought out her album, "Deadline for My Memories" album. Boy was I happy!

"Deadline for My Memories" is a pure, laid-back jam packed with songs just like "Your Loving Arms" and better, and I ate it up for a long, long time, nearly wearing out the CD. From the opening, hypnotic and heavenly "Hands Up and Amen" to the torchy and soulful title track, this one is simply awesome all the way through. Even as I write this and re-listen to the songs on "Deadline," I am reminded of just how I loved these songs for how well-written, sung and produced they all were. I can't name a single track on this one that I haven't sung along to.

So if you're ever looking for something chill, something dance, and something new and fantastic to you, I highly suggest giving Billy Ray Martin a try. If you like this song, you're gonna love the rest!

Deadline for My Memories - Billie Ray Martin

I don't really know whatever happened to Billy Ray. I did find an EP that she had done after "Deadline" called "Crime and Punishment" that was equally good, but never produced any real hits. That was a really long time ago. It's really a shame that this obscure gem of a singer never made it to the big time.

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