Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Pop Muzik - M

Here's an oldie from 1979 and one-hit wonder M. I remember this one being played all the time on the radio back in the day.  It is still very catchy!  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

M - Pop Muzik by trashfan


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Song of the Day - Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding


I am just loving Ellie Goulding these days, and this song is one of the biggest reasons why!  Always believe...

Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen by Speedwave-66

Wednesday, May 29, 2013's "#willpower" Track Reviews: "Geekin"


I'm not sure exactly what to say about track #7 on #willpower.  I mean, it's got one of those hypnotic old-school kind of jams, but I'm just not sure about the lyrics.  Good old will, sometimes I just love his words of wisdom, but the repetitive "get ma geek on's" in the chorus are just a little too, um, not so wise, and a little annoying, too.  Sorry, just my opinion! Check it Geekin,' and check out my reviews of the first six tracks on #willpower:

Song of the Day - Breathe Me - Sia

Feeling a little sad today...


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Song of the Day - Nobody's Perfect - J. Cole, featuring Missy Elliott


I haven't heard this one in awhile, and so I played it during my day yesterday. Ended up having to play it a few times, I missed it so much.  This is exactly the kind of record I love, definitive, catchy raps and a sweet, soulful chorus with good old Missy providing the vocals.  So smooth!

J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect Ft. Missy Elliott(Explicit) from NewMusic660 on Vimeo.

Monday, May 27, 2013's "#willpower" Track Reviews - "Gettin' Dumb," featuring and 2NE1 and 2NE1 'Gettin' Dumb': Listen to the K-Pop Collaboration

The next track on "willpower is an out and out club jam.  I'm loving the crescendoes, dub step beats, and rap interludes on this one.  Collaborations here include nice vocals (and raps!) from South Korean K-Pop foursome 2NE1, as well as the signature voice of Black Eyed Peas  This one may not make it to the pop charts (maybe it should be released as a single!), but it would be a guaranteed smash in dance clubs, no doubt.  Check this one out...

Will.I.Am feat. & 2NE1 - Gettin' Dumb by I_Love_Munich_Music

Check out my other reviews of the tracks on #willpower so far:

A Nice Weekend After All

I wasn't going to begin this post like this, but you see, yesterday turned out to be a great day at Cherry Grove.  As with each holiday visit, this time was different than any time before it.  "The Grove" is the one place where most all of Long Island's LGBT community gather regularly, especially on holiday weekends.  That said, almost every holiday visit has a different feel to it.

There are all kinds of people you run into at the Grove.  There are those you only see there, and then there are others who you see regularly and happen to hang with while you're over there.  Like always, yesterday saw a mix of people who you wouldn't ordinarily see all in one place.  Despite the cool temperatures, the place was packed, which was nice!

That being said, one of the groups of people I did hang out with were my bowling buddies.  Joining that bowling league was one of the best things I ever did, and some of the people I've met there are genuine, great people.  One of them, Eric, who is a fellow teacher, had this to say on Facebook this morning:

Great night. Learned a lot about my friends. They make me laugh. They are generous. They are hurting. They aren't afraid to share, or be honest, or offer a shoulder. They care. They are traveling a path, unexpected, and without promises, but they all have a destination awaiting them and I feel so lucky to be a pit stop now and then on their journey. Love you guys and appreciate all that you bring to my life. 

Awesome sentiments, right?  Eric is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know and for sure the love he dished out in that post is returned tenfold.  His words are poetic and poignant, and no one could have said it any better.  

Back to the evening...there was a lot of fun last night, all the way around  I went over with my BFF's Dita and Blanche, and Blanche's boyfriend Milton.  The whole gang from bowling was there: Tim, Sean and Ken, Eric and Rick, Steve and Jim, JC, Al, Gary, Sal, Leo and Sean, and my longtime friend Margaret showed up with her boyfriend Mems (?).  Anthony, who I dated briefly over the winter, was also there.  

I did get to dance, though not as much as I would have liked.  We stayed on at the Ice Palace longer than usual.  I think it's because of all the women that hang out at Cherry's (many of my fellow bowling buddies stay as far away from lesbians as they can), which I totally understand, but still Cherry's is much more of a place to dance than the Ice Palace.  So for several hours all of us hung out together, going from person to person and generally having a good time.

So that was that!  What started out as a good weekend ended up not so bed.  I'm so happy that summer is finally almost here, and I look forward to having one of the best ever.  So here's to my friends, new and old, and may we continue to have good times together!

Oppose Gay Marriage

I just caught this commercial on YouTube and I just had to share it.  Oppose Gay Marriage!

Song of the Day - Bucket List - Nelly Furtado


Today's song is from Nelly Furtado's latest album, Spirit Indestructible, and I like it for several reasons.  First of all, I love the topic of the song.  The phrase "bucket list" is a relatively new one, but it refers to an ideal that's been around forever.  Though we may not all have a bucket list, we all have dreams, and instead of dreaming about doing those things, maybe we should actually just go out and do them.  Life is too short, right?

Also, the tune itself is both catchy and melodic, acoustic and sweet sounding.  So if you like Nelly Furtado and this sounds like the type of song you might like, press play..

Nelly Furtado - Bucket List (Official Music Video) by SonyMusicEntertainment

Bucket List

Climb a mountain swim the seven seas
Get your body to look like Hercules
Jump out an airplane with a parachute
Fly up and away on a hot air balloon

We don’t know where it all ends
Some say it’s almost over almost over
If this is it then baby why aren’t I on your shoulder
On your shoulder

In this lifetime
I want you to be mine
Cuz I took a long look at my bucket list
And I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss and
Whoa I’m running out of time
Whoa I’m running out of time

Get on your boots and visit the North Pole
Try every sport until you score a goal
Follow the path of a butterfly
Go to Ground Zero and do nothing but cry

In this lifetime
I want you to be mine
Cuz I took a long look at my bucket list
And I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss and
Whoa I’m running out of time
Whoa I’m running out of time

This is not a dare
Not some trick of a daredevil
I’d trade in my wildest dreams
For your forever

In this lifetime
I want you to be mine
Cuz I took a long look at my bucket list
And I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss and
Cuz I took a long look at my bucket list
And I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss and
Whoa I’m running out of time
Whoa I’m running out of time
Whoa I’m running out of time
Whoa I’m running out of time

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013: Miserableness; Catching up; The Soundtrack to Life

Hello and good morning!  If you've checked out today's Song of the Day, you've probably already figured out that I am in a good mood today.  The song is Rihanna's Please Don't Stop the Music, and I played it because I am planning on dancing...a lot...tonight.  Please read on...


The past week, no, in fact these past several months, have been full of mostly crappy, unseasonable weather. After the hurricane last fall, a lot of snow and freezing temperatures all winter, we really haven't had much of a spring.  This past week's been especially miserable, with lots of rain and much cooler than normal temps.  And now, Memorial Day Weekend has been the worst of it, so bad that my pals and I were contemplating not going to Cherry Grove, which has never happened before.

Now I've posted many times before on my jaunts to Fire Island.  It's something that I love to do, especially in the days since I've been single.  I haven't gone out dancing too much this winter, mostly due to lack of funds, a more localized social life, and of course, the weather.  Long Island nightlife has gotten much better with Nuts & Bolts around the corner, but it's still not a place to go dancing, which is my primary reason for going out.

And so, despite the cool temps, the day has turned out to be not a bad one after all.  Intermittent sunshine has definitely brightened my spirits and of course we are going to the Grove tonight, which puts me in an even better mood.  Oh yeah, I plan on having a good time, even if I am freezing.  So stay tuned to see how this one turns out....since last summer I've made lots of new friends and it's definitely going to be a whole new vibe over there...

Catching Up

It's been a really long time since I've posted anything personal here, and I hope once again to catch up more often.  Life's been real busy lately.  I've been taking extra shifts tutoring and teaching a night class in order to save money for summer, and that's left very little time for writing, though I do have something exciting I've been wanting to share.

You see, aside from the fact that the busy-ness of life has kept me from writing regularly, I've been feeling kind of lost in my writing.  That is, where I used to pound out articles and blog posts regularly, I've also been having trouble getting focused.  Maybe it's because I'm too spread thin...I don't know, but today I am actually working on something that's got my juices flowing...

The Soundtrack to Life and How It Works

As of this writing, I am about 180 pages into my first book.  It all started a few months ago when my pal Laura Kim and I were talking on the subject.  We were trying to think of ways I could incorporate some of the things I've written into some sort of cohesive unit...a book.  Back then my thoughts were to put together social commentaries I've made into a collective work, but that never really got going.

Then about six weeks ago, I met fellow blogger and friend Sonny, who pushed me even further into the mindset of creating a book, and I think I've found the ticket.  If you look at all of my written pieces, what is the one thing that flows through most of it?  Music.  That's right, music is one of my most favorite things in life and aside from all of the reviews, concert pieces, Songs of the Day and others, I've also used music as a means to tell stories.  And that is the crux of my book.

I won't say too much about it now because it's still in the prep stages, really, but it will consist of stories set to songs and albums, stories we can all relate to.  I will keep you posted as I move along, but it looks like that's going to be the bulk of my work this summer.  Stay tuned...

Song of the Day - Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna

I woke up this morning to clear skies, and was immediately put into a good mood.  You see, the weather round these parts has been so miserable lately...cold and rainy, and for the first time ever my friends and I were contemplating not going to Fire Island today.  You see, the Sundays of both Memorial and Labor Days are a tradition not only for us, but for many others here on Long Island, and the prospect of not going because of the terrible weather was depressing.  It's still going to be on the cool side today, but the rain is supposed to keep away for the most part.

In the end, we are all going to go, despite the weather and that's why I'm excited.  I've been lookong forward to Cherry Grove all winter and now that it's finally here, I'm not going to let this shit weather dampen my spirits, or my good time!  So, please don't stop the music, cause I'm gonna dance my ass off...

RIHANNA - DON'T STOP THE MUSIC remix by magicguigui

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pitbull's "Global Warming" Track Reviews: "Drink's for You (Ladies' Anthem)," featuring Jennifer Lopez

I done had a long week and it's time to celebrate...


Track #7 on Global Warming is far and above one of my favorites.  Pit and Jennifer do work well together, and this is yet another in their series of collaborations that may one day be able to fill up a whole album.  With a deep bass-y groove and J-Lo's smooth vocals, this one's got hit written all over it.

Check out Drinks for You, and check out the first six tracks on Global Warming:

Global Warming

Don't Stop the Party

Feel This Moment's "#willpower" Track Reviews: "Let's Go," featuring Chris Brown


This 5th track on #willpower is pleasing enough, and even though many out there hate Chris Brown, he does undeniably have talent.  The tune is upbeat and catchy, though there are better songs on the album, so I'd be surprised to see this become a single.  Check out Let's Go:

Will.I.Am - Let's Go feat. Chris Brown from Duc Do Viet on Vimeo.

And be sure too check out my reviews of #willpower's first four tracks:

"janet's" 20th Anniversary Song of the Day - Whoops Now


At first listen, the average person may have missed this gem that appears after a period of silence at the end of what's listed as the final track on janet.  On the album, Whoops Now begins as a little banter between Janet and her pals and turns into a most sunshiney tune to finish off the album. The background music reminds me of something you'd hear on a "Sesame Street" skit and the vocals are totally silly and nothing but fun. What a great way to finish a great album!

And the video is one which I've never seen before.  It actually looks like a home shot video, and although it's a little fuzzy, there are some great shots of Janet here...

Janet Jackson - Whoops Now ! by matricule1967

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pitbull's "Global Warming" Track Reviews: "Party Ain't Over," featuring Usher and Afrojack

We add a little soul and even more dance on the next track, Party Ain't Over, with the smooth vocals of Usher and the crazy dance beats of Afrojack surrounding Pit's raps.  This is another nice tune with a catchy chorus and funky, danceable beats that can definitely have em getting down on the dance floor.  Check out Party Ain't Over, and tell the deejay, jay, jay, jay, jay, turn that mother****er out, out, out, out, out...

Check out my take on the first 5 tracks on Global Warming:

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Sun is Shining - Bob Marley vs. Funk Star Deluxe

Sun is shining? No, not really, but it should be. In this crazy year of weather, we're going to be having March temperatures, cloudiness and rain all through Memorial Day Weekend.  It doesn't matter though, I know I'm still going to try and have some fun this weekend regardless.  Here's a Bob Marley tune that was reworked into a brand new reggae fusion remix by Funk Star Deluxe in 1999.  The remix gave the song, and the genre, a whole new life...

Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining by nouplette

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Song of the Day - Clouds - Zach Sobiech

Today's Song of the Day is a special one, and one which I've never heard until this very morning.  You see, the gentleman in the video below, whose name is Zach Sobiech, wrote and performed this song to talk about his heartrending story.  You see, four years ago, the the age of 14, Zach was diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma.


For four years, Zach battled the disease with surgeries and chemotherapy, but to no avail.  In May of last year, he was told that the cancer had spread and he only had a few months to live.  Zach Sobiech finally succumbed to that cancer on Monday, May 20th, 2013.  He was only 18 years old.

In his very short life, Zach touched a lot of people, facing his cancer head on, and inspiring millions with his music.  The video for this acoustically beautiful and soothing song, Clouds, went viral some time ago, reaching more than 4 million hits, and just this week, in the aftermath of his untimely death, Clouds hit the #1 spot on iTunes Singles Sales Chart. Way to go Zach!

So, rest in peace brother...I'm glad I had the opportunity to hear your story and spread it here through my own little world so that new people may hear it.  You are an inspiration!

To read more on Zach Sobiech's life and death, check out these pieces on Huffington Post and Billboard.

You can purchase Clouds on iTunes right here...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"janet's" 20th Anniversary Song of the Day - You Want This

In the last Music News Bytes, I mentioned that Janet Jackson recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of her monumental album janet.  The record was her third straight smash album, following the breakthrough Control and the equally delicious and hit-filled Rhythm Nation.  janet was a classic, generating nine singles, six of which charted in the top ten, and from the opening whispers of That's the Way Love Goes through playful and sometimes sexy interludes, Supremes' samples (there are at least two!), tender ballads and the final, hidden Sesame Streetish Whoops Now, this one got played out on many a CD player all the way from 1993 to 1995.

In celebration of this noteworthy occasion, I've decided to feature a few of my favorites from the janet album over the next week or so, not every day, but instead sprinkled in here and there.  If you were around back in the mid-nineties, I'm sure you'll remember some of the classic tunes from this one.  Here's one of my favorites off that album, the fast, playful, and funky You Want This:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Song of the Day - We Are Never Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift


I never thought I'd ever put up a Taylor Swift song on here (she's just not my style!), but I actually don't hate this one.  In fact, a couple of my students were caught singing emphatically to this tune in my classroom and I thought it was kind of cute!  Swift won eight Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, and so between that and my students love of this song, I hereby declare her We Are Never Getting Back Together today's Song of the Day.

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back... by f1642743907

Monday, May 20, 2013

Music News Bytes: BMA Winners: Gaga/Cher Song May Not Make the Final Cut; A New Janet Album?

Okay, so I still haven't had time to watch the Billboard Music Awards, which took place on Sunday night in Las Vegas, and so I won't comment on the show itself, but I figured I'd follow up on Saturday's post to see how I fared with my predictions, and hey, am I good or what?


Artist of the Year 

My pick: Taylor Swift

My prediction: Swift (or Justin Bieber)

Hot 100 Song

My pick: Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye

My prediction: Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye

Top Billboard 200 Album

My pick: Babel - Mumford and Sons

My prediction: Red - Taylor Swift

Top Duo or Group

My pick: One Direction

My prediction: One Direction

Top New Artist

My pick: One Direction

My prediction: One Direction

To see the full list of winners from last night's show, check out Billboard.


Gaga Track may not make the final cut of Cher's new album

Yes, apparently Cher's new album is all finished being recorded, and the finishing touches and final decisions have yet to be made.  The legendary singer was interviewed on 20/20 Saturday night and during the discussion, she revealed that the song she recorded with Lady Gaga, The Greatest Thing, may not make it to the final version of the album.  The blog propagaga quoted the diva as saying "There is a track with Lady Gaga, but it's very on the line right now...she may not want to be on the album.

So what does that mean?  I guess we'll have to stay tuned to this one to find out more.  In the meantime the album, which was originally slated to be released last March, isn't due out now until September.

Miss Janet Conceptualizing New Album

Janet Jackson hasn't released a new studio album in a long, long time, and she told Billboard recently that her and her team are "creating the concept and initial thoughts on the music" and that she's "excited about the direction that we’re taking.”  This is good news indeed!  

Miss Janet recently celebrated the 20 year anniversary of her dynamite fifth album, janet on May 18th.  Look for a special tribute to that great one in the upcoming days... 

Pitbull's "Global Warming" Track Reviews: "Hope We Meet Again," featuring Chris Brown

We could be anywhere tonight
Could be right here underneath the lights
I see the colours in your eyes
Beautiful rainbows all around us
We got the whole world in our hands
This is the night we won't forget
Whatever happens in the end
I just hope, I hope we meet again


The next track on Global Warming is one full of mid tempo sweetness.  Featuring the admittedly pleasant singing of Chris Brown on the chorus and Pit's raps throughout, this is one of my favorites off the album.  Check out Hope We Meet Again, and please read my take on the first four tracks on Pitbull's latest:

Global Warming

Don't Stop the Party

Feel This Moment

Song of the Day - Lay It On Me - Kelly Rowland, featuring Big Sean

Kelly Rowland's been in the news lately for admitting to harboring feelings of jealousy towards former group-mate Beyonce.  Well, I can totally understand them, given their circumstances, and I do think Miss Kelly does have talent in her own right as can be seen and heard in this video.  Lay It On Me is from her last album, Here I Am, and it's one of my favorite tracks off of it.  It's mid to up tempo and easy to sing a long to, even the parts with Big Sean.  Happy Monday!

Kelly Rowland "Lay it On Me" from joseph labisi on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Song of the Day - Purple Rain - Prince

In honor of Prince, who'll be receiving a Billboard Icon Award at tonight's BMA's, and to the crappy weekend weather of rain we're currently having, I hereby present Purple Rain.  The video is from the movie of the same name, and it comes at the very end, tying up all of the family crap that the character had gone through.  It wasn't my favorite tune off the record, but it's classic, nonetheless.

Prince - Purple Rain (HQ+) Copyright By A&M... by STARDUST72

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pitbull's "Global Warming" Track Reviews: "Back in Time"

Track #4 on Global Warming was a pretty big hit last summer.  Originally meant for the soundtrack to the film, Men in Black 3 (for some reason, it never made it), the song's got a vintage feel to it, with that all too familiar guitar hook from Mickey and Sylivia's Love Is Strange.  It's not the best tune on the album, but it's pretty damn enjoyable.  Check it out...

Check out my reviews of the first three tracks on Global Warming:

Global Warming

Don't Stop the Party

Feel This Moment


Music News Bytes: The Billboard Music Awards

Over the past couple of years, the Billboard Music Awards, or BMA's, has become yet another great music awards show to look forward to, like the AMA's or the Grammys.  This year's show promises to continue on in that same vein with a great lineup of entertainers, special awards and guest presenters.  take a look at what you can expect:

BMA Performances

The performances at tomorrow night's show feature the best and the newest of hot music.  Some of the more exciting ones include Pitbull and Christina Aguilera, with a "special guest" on their smash, Feel This Moment, David Guetta, with Akon and Ne Yo on Play Hard, and the Biebs on their latest collaboration #thatPower, Pibull again with J-Lo on their very nice tune Live It Up, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne with High School, as well as performances by Taylor Swift, Brino Mars, Miguel, Selena Gomez, The Band Perry, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and more!  Sounds pretty good, right?

Special Awards

As with many awards shows, special honors will bestowed upon special artists for their extraordinary contributions to the world of music, and this year Prince will be receiving the Billboard Icon Award for, well, his massive presence in the world of pop music over the past thirty-plus years in the biz.  One of the moments I'll be looking forward to the most is an appearance by the one and only Madonna (with whom Prince once recorded a song) to receive an award for her massively successful MDNA Tour.  Madge's latest tour was the top-grossing of the year and I proudly admit I contributed to her $305 million take by going three times.  Yes!


The presenters at the 2013 BMA's read like a who's who in the music industry over the past ten years or so.  Look for Korean upstart Psy, Cee Lo, Shania Twain, Kelly Rowland, Miley Cyrus, Carly Rae Jepson, Ke$ha, Alanis Morisette,  Wiz Khalifa and more to be on hand presenting all of the awards.

The Awards (and my picks!)

Of course, the main idea of the whole evening is not the lineup of stars performing or presenting, but the awards themselves.  Billboard Magazine has long been the record keeper of all things music it's only fitting that the awards bestowed upon artists by them are among the most viable in the industry.  Herein is a listing of the nominees in some of the top categories along with my picks as to who I'm rooting for...

Artist of the Year

Justin Bieber
Maroon 5
One Direction 
Taylor Swift

So who's had the best year out of this small crop of artists?  Well, out of the lot of them my favorite has to be Ri-Ri, but somehow I don't think she'll take the cake here.  I'm going to predict a win for either the Biebs or Ms. Swift.

Hot 100 Song

Some Nights - Fun
Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
One More Night - Maroon 5
Payphone - Maroon 5, with Wiz Khalifa

Gotye and Fun took Album of the Year and Song of the Year at the Grammy's, but I'm not so sure Fun will do as well this time around (their Grammy was for We Are Young), so look for Gotye to take the prize here.

Top Billboard 200 Album

21 - Adele 
Babel - Mumford and Sons
Take Me Home - One Direction
Up All Night - One Direction
Red - Taylor Swift

Since Babel took the honors at the Grammy's, I'm thinking that they're a lock here.

Top Duo or Group

Maroon 5
Mumford and Sons
One Direction

My favorite here would be for Fun, for whom my admiration has grown greatly with time, but somehow I'm thinking that maybe the teeny boppers win it here.

Top New Artist

Carly Rae Jepson
The Lumineers
One Direction

Hmmm, all but One Direction have really hit the big time more than once, so I'm thinking they've got this one locked up, too.

For a complete list of all the award nominees, check out Billboard.

The BMA's will air live from Las Vegas on Sunday, May 19th at 8 p.m. on ABC, with crazy-ass comedian Tracey Morgan hosting.  Check out the Billboard link above for more.

Song of the Day - Where Them Girls At - David Guetta, featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj

So many girls in here
Where do I begin
I see this one
I'm bout to go in

Then she said
I'm here with my friend
She got me thinking
And that's what I said....

Here's a fun one for what hopefully will be a fun Saturday for all of you.  Enjoy!

David Guetta - Where Them Girls At (feat... by DavidGuetta-Official

Friday, May 17, 2013's "#willpower" Track Reviews: "Scream and Shout," with Britney Spears

The fourth track on #willpower was also its second single and biggest hit to date.  I first mentioned the song way back in November when it was first released and my initial review wasn't too positive:

The song is really nothing new, with sounds of past tracks and Britney's way over-altered voice set to a frenzied dance track.  There are only a couple of short snippets of the song where it actually sounds like her singing, the altering is so big. Otherwise, you might swear it was someone else.  I'm sure this one will receive airplay in clubs, but not in many other places, which is too bad, but judging from its performance on iTunes (it currently sits at #1 on the most downloaded chart), I may be wrong!  

I was wrong...about its reception, anyway.  The song climbed all the way to the #3 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 and #1 on the magazine's dance chart, plus the #1 spot in a bunch of places around the world.  I'll admit, the tune grew on me, and a lot of other people from what I've seen.  Still packs the dance floor when it's played and I dunno...that Britney part, though still strange and definitely altered, is irresistible!  Check it out...


Check out my reviews of the first three tracks on #willpower:

And buy the album here:

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Fashion - David Bowie

Earlier this week I was perusing the store at iTunes and I came across an 80's album sale, all for $7.99.  I ventured over to that page to see if there were any old gems I had forgotten about and I came across the Best of Bowie.  The only David Bowie tune I had ever bought was Modern Love in 1983, and I would never would have thought of picking this one up until I looked at the track list, full of great songs I had totally forgotten about from my younger days.

There was the funkified Fame, the new wave hits Let's Dance and China Girl, Dancing in the Street, with Mick Jagger, Under Pressure with Queen, and this one, the oh so cool Fashion. I remember, and I'm still not totally sure about it, thinking that cute blond MTV VJ Alan Hunter was among the fashionistas featured in the video.  Anyway, the song is so 80's and soooo good.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

David Bowie - Fashion by DavidBowie-Official

Thursday, May 16, 2013's "#willpower" Track Reviews: "This Is Love," featuring Eva Simons

The third track off #willpower was the first single from the album, debuting in June of last year.  The song features Dutch singer Eva Simons, who's got a nice, strong voice, and it fared well on the charts, making it all the way to #10.  I'd say it's a mid tempo tune that's okay...not great or even good, just okay.  It's definitely not the kind of song you'll be singing long after a listen, but it's good enough not to skip while you're listening to the album.  Here's a clip of the duo performing This Is Love on Letterman...

Will.I.Am & Eva Simmons : This is love live 2012 by tartenpion333

Check out my reviews of the first two tracks on #willpower:

Good Morning