Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28th, 2011: 8:21 AM - Irene Update

8:21 AM

Irene is officially here! I woke up about an hour ago in a sweat because the power was out and my air conditioner had gone off. Luckily there hadn’t been too much noise during the night, or if there was I didn’t hear it. After checking a few light switches and confirming there was no power, I headed to each window to check out what was going on outside.

Oh, there’s a lot of wind out there, alright, but the winds luckily are not sustained. Every once in awhile the gusts are pretty strong…I have no idea how strong, but my trees are all dancing to the wind. So far, so good, except the power of course, but from what I’ve heard, Irene’s just about halfway done with us so we’ve still got a few hours left of her.

Upon further investigation I discovered that there is a loose wire hanging from one of my trees and across the front yard. That must be why I have no power, at least on the main floor. You see, I went to check the basement about a half an hour ago and out of habit I flicked the light switch on and to my surprise the lights went on. I’ve also got power upstairs, too, strangely enough, so at least I got to make a pot of coffee, thankfully.

I am now in my front office, with the ac on keeping cool and my eyes are separated, one on my computer screen and the other on the swaying trees right outside my window. I don’t know how long I will stay up here because it feels like I shouldn’t be up here at all. I will keep that eye out…

The only other thing so far happened just before I discovered there was electricity upstairs. I tried lying back down on the sofa for a few z’s and within minutes I was awakened suddenly by a large crash. A 20-foot limb came clean off a tree in the backyard, crashing down right between my car and my deck. Phew! Big crisis averted, for now. It’s not going to be an easy clean-up, but it’ll all be worth it as long as that’s all there is.

I hope whatever power I do have stays on…I’m typing extra fast just in case…stay safe everyone and hopefully I’ll catch you later…

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