Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th,, 2011 - Mr. Gay Long Island at Circus

Happy Thursday everyone! Today looks like a gorgeous day outside and I think I am finally going to hit the beach later as long as I can get the writing done that I want to get done. It’s so hard sometimes because I get so distracted by all that is the Internet…Facebook, Y!CN, my blog, etc., etc., etc….. Oh well here goes nothing…


At the moment I have a bit of a hangover, you know headache, tiredness, a little queasy. I don’t usually get hangovers, but for some reason I guess I drank a little too much last night, but at least I can remember that it was a good time…

Mr. Gay Long Island at Circus

For the second straight week I went to Circus Wednesdays at the Lizard Lounge and I think I’m getting addicted. Their promo for last night was a contest for “Mr. Gay Long Island” and boy was it packed! It was the first time I can remember such a good crowd at a Long Island gay bar on a weeknight since I was in my twenties and it was nice to see.

One of the reasons for me going last night was to see my new buddy Ozzie, AKA Ruby Diamond. I hadn’t seen him since his barbecue on Friday and I kind of missed him. Anyway, it was his job to get people to sign up for the contest and he was having such a hard time at first that he asked me, lol. There was no way! I’m way too old to compete with those guys even though I look better now than I ever have, and besides I am way too shy. Once I watched the competition, however, I think that maybe I would’ve placed third.

In all, four guys threw themselves into the mix for the title of “Mr. Gay Long Island” and the winner turned out to be the only logical choice. He was a guy named Julian who was adorable and sweet and had lots of muscles. I knew as soon as he got up there that he was going to be the winner. The other three contestants consisted of a cute twink that used to be a go-go boy at the Bunk (I believe his name was Keith if I’m not mistaken), an average, everyday kinda guy like me, and a grandpa. Yes, you heard right, a grandpa!

Grandpa had been dancing up a storm earlier with a hefty woman, shirtless and getting all bump and grindy with her. It was a spectacle, to say the least, as many of us standing around the dance floor were watching with “OMG” smiles on our faces. The dude was definitely drunk as a skunk and I was surprised yet not so surprised to see him in the competition. When it was his turn to shake his thing, Mr. Grandpa dropped his drawers, much to the horror of everyone watching. I was just a little embarrassed for him.

In all, it was a really fun night. As I said before, Lizard Lounge is a beautiful place on the inside and all of the people that work there, including this cute new bartender Chris, seem genuine and friendly. I ran into a guy I talked to once named Orlando, who is directing a staging of the musical “Rent” at the Patchogue Theater this month. Some of his cast members came along and performed three songs from the show, which was marvelous. I also ran into this girl I met earlier this summer on Fire Island, Paola. That was a really nice surprise as we recognized each other immediately and gave big each other big hugs. She’s going to the Grove on Saturday so I’m looking forward to shaking it up with her again.

I’m almost sad that in a month or so I won’t be able to go to Circus Wednesdays anymore, because it’s a school night. I know that I’ll be going there for the rest of the summer, though, because a good time’s a good time, ya know? After what’s been going on this week (and I know my friend Rich will get a chuckle out of this), I needed it!

Here are some photos from last night...the grainy ones are from my iPhone and the good ones I stole from Circus' FB photo album, which you can check out here.

The four contestants...cna you guess which one is a grandpa?

And the winner is....Julian!

This is Chris, the new bartender at Lizard Lounge...apparently Ruby got him to take his shirt off finally after I left...:-(

The cast of Rent.

Jay taking photos of the competition. Can you spot me in the crowd?

My girl Ruby doin' her thang!

Thank You

Once again I want to give a big thanks to all of you, my readers, for checking in with me here and again. I woke up this morning to find that this blog has hit the 50,000 page view mark! I’ve been getting between 500 and 700 hits per day on this site and I am both humbled and excited at the same time. Here’s to another 50,000!

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  1. It was a fun night indeed. Great crowd and good music!