Saturday, August 6, 2011

L is for I Love Lucy Music

Ever since I learned that it was Lucille Ball's 100th birthday today, I've spent the morning posting some of my favorite clips from the show on Facebook and reliving such classics as Viteameatavegimin, Lucy's job at the candy factory, and the grape stomping scene. Then I got to thinking that I just happen to be on the letter "L" in the Z-A Blogger's Challenge and I then I started looking at some of the great songs from the show and figured I'd post em' here. So without further adieu, here are some classic musical moments from the great "I Love Lucy"

We're Having a Baby

Ah, I loved this one! Lucy finds a great way to break it to Ricky that she's "expecting" and he breaks into this sweet, sweet tune!

Cuban Pete

Ricky Ricardo sang some cool Cuban flavored stuff, including this one...."Boom chickee boom, boom chickee boom, boom chickee boom..."


Who can forget this hysterical scene between Lucy and Ethel? Uh oh, they bought the same dress for the benefit and neither one is too happy about it, lol.


Finally, we come to one of Ricky's most famous songs, this time sung as a duet with the very adorable Little Ricky.

Of course there's much more fun music from the "I Love Lucy" show, and you can check most of them out on YouTube. I hope you've enjoyed this little retrospective as much as I have!

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