Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Song of the Day - Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart

"It's like thunder, and lightning
the way you love me is frightening
You'd better knock, knock, knock....on wood!"

The inspiration for today's song was the weather we had over Long Island last night. It was a typical sultry summer night, and Mother Nature treated us to a really cool light show as heat lightning continually lit up the sky. I had the good fortune of being in Port Jefferson with my friend Matt and as we sat by the water's edge, watching the streaks and flashes from afar over the Long Island Sound. They were spectacular to say the least.

Amii Stewart's "Knock On Wood" is one of my favorite songs from the disco era. I think I played it virtually every single party I ever deejayed and people always danced to it. Love the music, love the singing, and love the song! Enjoy!

Knock On Wood - Knock On Wood

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