Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Writing Recap

Since I first started this blog as a means to promote my writing elsewhere, I've been somewhat remiss in doing so as this blog has takenn a new life of its own in recent months. Nevertheless, I am still writing for other websites and that's where I get paid, so I decided to do a new feature called Wednesday's Writing Recap. It is aimed at promoting all of the articles I've written (choice ones, anyway) during the past week, and so in our first installment, we have a little more than a week's worth to catch up on. Please feel free to click on any of the titles that might be of interest as it would help me greatly!


Gather is the newest site that I write for and even after three months I'm still learning the ropes. They are search engine driven, and as such my articles there only stay up for about a month's time. Unfortunately I don't get paid for anything I write there until I reach 150 page views and some of the articles below are close, so please do some clicking...

Missy Elliot comeback begins with new Katy Perry remixThe top ten videos of the '80s, chosen by the fans

I've always loved Missy Elliot and finally, after six long years on hiatus, she is back with some new projects and her upcoming 7th studio album, "Block Party."

David Guetta's Hot, New "Nothing But The Beat" Coming in August

Writing this one revved me upp for this album, the long-awaited follow up to the deejay/producer's smash "One Love" CD.

MTV VMA's first three performers announced

The VMA's are coming and they're always quite a spectacle. With the announcement of these artists to the performers list, this year should be no different. (*Mental note - Need to do a follow-up on this one!)

Amy Winehouse's music sure to follow trend in posthumous album sales

This one's all about how music artists' music after their death sometimes becomes more popular than before. Amy Winehouse has a lot of unreleased stuff that's sure to make waves once it hits the airwaves.

What to expect from Madonna's new album

Yes, as of July 4th, Mo is back in the sstudio. It's been a long time and any Madonna fan is super excited at the prospect of a new one from the Queen.

Fallon and Timberlake's 'History of Rap' proves genre's staying power

Recently Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did another mash-up tribute to some of raps greats. There's a video linkk in this one, so be sure to check it out.

Yahoo Contributor Network

A Teacher's Unforgettable First Day at School

This was an assignment for Y!CN writers about best and worst memories of the first day at school. Since I'm a teacher, I shared memories of a day I'll never forget as a teacher.

Crossroads: A New and Unfortunate Direction

The latest and most unhappy turn of events in this real-life series....stay tuned...

Thank You for Being a Friend

A drag performance of the Golden Girls theme inspired this one!

Music Suggestions for a Gay Wedding in New York

This one was meant to be

Amy's Legacy

My own personal tribute to Amy Winehouse.


Keep cool this weekend at LI Theaters

Some really good stuff happening this weekend at theaters around Long Island.

The Coasters of Six Flags Great Adventure

This one's been updated to include the new Green Lantern coaster.

Five Guys Burgers n Fries

I've discovered a great new burger joint!

LI Catering Venues get in on Gay Wedding Market

You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?

Ascension Beach Party Weekend at Fire Island Pines

I soooo want to go! Kristine W, Alexis Jordan and Crystal Waters will be performing.

LIGALY's "Refresh Everything" proposal to fight anti-gay bullying on LI

LIGALY is always fighting the good fight, so get out there and help them win this grant.

Circus Wednesdays at Lizard Lounge

My new favorite Long Island gay bar!

Well, that's all she (or rather he) wrote! As always, a great big hearty thankk you to all of you who check in with John's World regularly. I truly appreciate your readership. Have a great day!

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