Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I need for you to know
I need to be more clear
My signals were not enough
And so now clarity will bring understanding
I need for you to know

You need to leave me be
Allow me my own time
To decide where to go next
Take my cues and understand
That you just need to leave me be

I’m a man striving for my own happiness
Though I have no idea what that looks like
Career? Wealth? Friendship? Or love?
I just don’t know
But I continue to strive for my own happiness

I need to right my own ship
And set my own life straight
Lots of soul searching to do
And thoughts to be thought
So I can right my own ship

Right now I’m all about myself
Working on the things
That get me through my days and my nights
In hopes of a clearer tomorrow
Right now I’m all about myself

I’m not so sure what you see in me
That makes me so special in your eyes
I feel I have nothing to give, lost in my world
Enjoying yet dreading the solitude of my life
I don’t really know what you see in me

Love will come again one day, I’m sure
And I’ll know it when I feel it
It may sweep me up unexpectedly
Or be right there where it always was
But love will come again one day

I want you to understand
That right now I have no love to pursue
None for you, nor for anyone else
No time for love, only for life
This I need you to understand

Should the day arrive
When I believe that you’re the one
I’ll come to you with arms wide open
And rejoice in the joy of love again
Should the day arrive

Just don’t pin your hopes up
There’s no promise in my words
Who’s to say anyway
That you’d still be around
Just don’t pin your hopes up

Please don’t dream a fruitless dream
Take heed my words
Love has no rhyme or reason
And one way love is a hopeless love
So don’t dream a dream that may never happen

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