Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 29th/30th, 2011 - Late Night Blabbering

Boy am I in trouble! It is 1:30 AM and I am wide awake once again. I should be sleeping and I will once I finish this post. There are exactly seven days left of summer vacation for me and I need to get into a better sleep mode, though it’s not gonna be easy.

Ending summer with a bang!

After the past few days of being stuck in the house, the weather has turned beautiful. I’ve done most of the cleanup in my yard and though I have to go to school in the morning for a bit, I am ready to enjoy these last few days of my first summer off. Of course that involves clubbing, hehe…going to Splash tomorrow with my friend Ivan and Circus Wednesday, Splash again on Thursday and of course the big show on Fire Island this weekend. Come Monday morning I am going to be sooooo depressed, lol.

Some fortune…good and bad

I had two hits of luck today, both having to do with money, and one was good, the other bad. The good news had to do with my electricity being out in the downstairs of my house. I said yesterday that I had to call an electrician today to fix the baffling problem, and I did. I called Dew Edward & Son right here in Patchogue and they came with good news. Apparently, there are three electrical wires coming into my house from the transformer across the street and one of them got disconnected. It was just hanging there and I couldn’t believe none of us saw it yesterday. Long story short…LIPA’s got to fix it and these very nice gentlemen didn’t charge me a penny! Thanks guys!

Now on to the bad…since I was home cleaning the yard all day, I figured I’d take my car in for some much needed checking up. Another long story short…I needed brakes, two tires, a tune-up and an oil change…grand total: $1,000!!!! WTF? Thank God I have a credit card, and I’m not going to get sick over it. At least my car is safe and running great.

Writing, writing and more writing

I’ve been in a zone tonight. I was invited over my neighbor and friend Terry’s house for dinner earlier. Her daughter Margaret was trying to save some rapidly defrosting food she’d had in her freezer (no power!) and they needed help eating it, lol. I got home a little after 9 and I’ve been writing ever since. It’s funny, but my eyes were very droopy when I got home, but now, after hours of writing, I’ve become less and less tired. Once this is over, though, I’m headed into the shower and then taking a nosedive into my bed. I just hope I can sleep!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Here’s a video of Lady Gaga’s much talked about performance from last night’s VMA’s, which I missed. It’s really the only part of the show I’ve seen so far and I liked it. Hopefully I’ll get my TV back before MTV stops repeating it….

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  1. It's always rough getting back into the grind. We still haven't started up again here (my fault) but I just don't want to let go of summer. Best of luck & enjoy that laast week.