Friday, August 5, 2011

M is for The Mexican

He's called Fernandez
Livin' on a gun
Dreams of Santa Anna
Fighting in the sun

Long before David Guetta there was a deejay/producer named John "Jellybean" Benitez. Jellybean had a few hits back in the 80's, including "Who Found Who?" with Elisa Fiorillo and "Sidewalk Talk" with then girlfriend Madonna. (Jellybean played the part of Miss M's boyfriend in her "Borderline video.)

This one was more of a club than a pop hit, in fact it was Jellybean's first #1 Dance song. I used to play my 12" single of "The Mexican" out! The song is a cover of an earlier tune by a band named Babe Ruth and Janita Haan, who sang the song originally, sang on this one, too! I haven't heard this one in a long time, and I still remember the words...


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