Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend...and then some!

I don’t know why, but life seems pretty good right at the moment. Though I haven’t had the opportunity yet to deal directly with my latest problem, I’m confident enough that I will handle it in a way that I wouldn’t have done in the past when the time comes. I had a great time last night with two of my best friends and right now, I’m feeling hella cool tonight…

A fuzzy picture, but a big smile to match my mood! (Sorry Lisa!)

Bella Vino

Last night Rita, Rich and I went to a wine bar called Bella Vino in Patchogue. It’s been there for awhile but I’d never been. One of Rita’s high school friends was performing and so she invited us. The place was really cool and I’m thinking of writing a piece on it very soon. The evening was filled with “flights” of wine, some fondue nice music and an all around good time!

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Some Things to Look Forward To

To me, life is all about planning things to look forward to, whether it’s dinner with a friend, a night out on the town or a weekend getaway. With summer gone and me being back at work, I’ve still managed to keep my social activities around and sometimes when I’m having a rough day it’s helpful to think of the things I’ve got coming up. Here’s some of what I’m looking forward to:

A Surprise Visit from a Special Person?

I got an email the other night that one of my bestest friends, who lives out of state and that I miss terribly, might, just might be coming to NY this week. I won’t say who it is just yet, but I am very excited!

Kingda Ka at SFGA

Out in the Park at Great Adventure

This Friday, my friend Rich and I, and possibly my pal Reet, are taking our annual jaunt to Six Flags Great Adventure for their annual Gay Night. Dita and I have been going for the past five or six years and it’s always a blast. If you want more information on the event, check out this article I wrote on Examiner:

Out in the Park Events at Long Island Area Six Flags

Lori’s Wedding and a Halloween Party

On October 1st, my fellow teacher and good friend Lori is going to be getting married. Though I’ve never been a big fan of weddings and I haven’t been to one in years, I am definitely looking forward to this one. Lori is such a sweetheart…good peeps!...and she’s invited several other great folks from work, as well, so it should be a blast, and by coincidence Cherry’s is having their season finale, Halloween Party that same evening, so if things go as planned, the afternoon party will segue into an equally fun evening fiesta finale at Fire Island. I’ve never gone that late in the season, but I hear it’s really cool, and of course, there’s an article about that, too:

End of Season Fun at Cherry Grove this September

There are also smaller things to look forward to, like a movie night or two and some dinners with friends, of course some jaunts into Splash and maybe even a trip to Luxe, and there’s the tiniest possibility that I might be going to New Orleans in October…stay tuned for that one. It should be hella cool if it happens.

An Exciting Prospect

There’s another exciting thing that happened earlier this week at school. I met this woman, Christine, one day at school while manning the welcome desk. She was there to pick up her daughter from class and we were having a friendly chat when all of a sudden she asked me what I did at the school. When I told her I was an ESL teacher, she got all excited and told me that she used to do that type of work for Literacy Volunteers of America and other places.

She mentioned how there was such a need on the North Fork for adult ESL classes, which I’ve known for a long time, and that she’d been seriously thinking of starting a school somewhere out there. We both began to speak excitedly as we discussed the issue. I told her I had twice tried to secure grants for such a project, but was turned down both times. “We don’t need grants,” she exclaimed. “We can do it ourselves.”

A light bulb went off in my head. The North Fork of Long Island has plenty of foreign language speaking immigrants, especially migrant workers who work the farms and vineyards out there, yet there’s no place for them to go but Suffolk Community College in Riverhead which is expensive and miles away. Christine is an entrepreneur and she seems to have the know-how to get us started. We exchanged numbers and are planning to meet soon to discuss how we move forward from here. Very exciting!

Metro Fridays ad from Circus' Facebook Page

Metro Fridays at Lizard Lounge

There was yet another piece of good news this week, and it comes from Jay Antonio at Lizard Lounge / Circus Wednesdays. Beginning on October 7th, the Lizard Lounge is going to be opening up to the gay community for a second night with a “Metro Fridays” night every week. For a sad Long Island gay nightlife scene, this is most welcome news. Though they’ll be competing with Glass Fridays in Blue Point, not too far away, I think that choices are just what we need to maybe get things going again. I for one miss going to Circus since school started and now I’m excited that I’ll get to start going there once again. I plan on doing a piece on it, so stay tuned…

Well, how’s about that? A whole blog post with nothing but good stuff! I’ve got to go jump in the shower soon cause I’m heading on out to Splash tonight. Hopefully all this excitement I have right now will turn this into a great night. We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s Rihanna’s latest, a song I’ve been singing in my head nearly every Friday since last fall, when her “Loud” album came out.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. I’ll drink to that!

Cheers (Drink to That) - Loud

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