Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Blast at Cherry Grove

Bobby, Me, Rita, Adam and Grazyna

Sunday of a holiday weekend is always a great time to go to Fire Island, and when you go with good friends, it’s so much fun. Every summer holiday, from Memorial Day to the 4th of July to Labor Day, my friends Rich and Bobby and I go to the Grove. Even though I go all the time, these are usually the only days I get to go with my friends. Almost every time there’s a different set of friends that comes with us and yesterday was one of the best groups I’ve ever gone with.

Grazyna and Adam

This time around, Rich’s coworker and friend Grazyna, who’s also become my good friend, came with her new beau Adam. Grazyna (try and say that one out loud, lol!) is from Poland and she’s one of the coolest ladies I know. She’s come with us to Cherry Grove before and we always have a good time with her. Adam is also Polish and he is simply a big, lovable bear of a guy. Loved him!

Yours truly!

Blanche and Reet

One of my best friends and coworkers, Rita came along, as well. Rita’s had a rough summer, but I think starting at the Grove on Wednesday with me, she’s finished it off on a really high note and I couldn’t be happier for her. Lisa, my friend from ‘religion class’ rounded out the group, as well as people we all know from around the scene.

We all met up at the ferry in Sayville for the 6:20 and everyone was in a jovial mood and ready to party. Of course the holiday crowd was huge with people everywhere, but as always everyone was having a good time, as you can see from the pictures…

Not enough hands

Adam and Grazyna

Reet and Blanche

Bug eyes!

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