Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Blast at Cherry Grove, Conclusion

Adam, Lisa, Me, Billy and Graz

That's Michael, one of my fellow survivors from when I got stranded!

For some reason, Grazyna was fascinated with the waiter at Cherry’s. I don’t know his name, but he’s been working there all summer. He’s cute in his own way and he’s very flamboyant and I guess that’s why she found him interesting. She asked me to take a picture of him, but somebody else beat me to it.

The waiter at Cherry's

Graz and Reet!

Adam and Me

Lisa and me

Lisa and I have become really good friends this year, hanging out almost every weekend at Cherry’s. On Saturday night, she was a good friend as I chewed her ear off about some crap that happened on Saturday. She tried to make me feel better by setting me up with this dude, Keith. Keith is not normally someone I’m attracted to, but after meeting him briefly on Saturday and seeing him again last night, I have to say the guy’s got potential. Of course, me not being forward at all I never asked for his phone number, but we chatted up a storm last night and I’m sure I’ll see him again…

Me with Adam and Grazyna

Me and Lisa

Can you guess what song was playing?

Blanche and I getting down!

I know the pics kind of fuzzy, but doesn't it look like I have a Mohawk?

Blanche and Adam

Me and Keith

So I think it’s easy to tell I had a great time yesterday. I love all the people I was with yesterday and that’s what makes the happy memories of life. It was a nice ending to a hectic and crazy summer and now it’s back to life for me!

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