Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Song of the Day - That's the Way Love Is - Ten City

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Today's "Song of the Day" inspiration came from RuPaul, of all places! I follow her on Twitter and this morning she posteed a Byron Stingly tune as her "Workout Song of the Day." I remember Byron...he once belonged to this group called Ten City and Joe and I both loved their one and only album, "Foundation" way back in the early 90's. A few years later, he put out his own solo album, which I also played out.

When I first heard Cee Lo Green sing a few years back, I thought it was Byron Stingly making a comeback. They both have those rich, high, soulful voices that work just great with House/R&B/Pop music.

Anyway, back to the song...this one was the one that immediately came to mind when I saw Ru's tweet. I even responded to it, hoping for maybe some kind of answer back, but...maybe next time. I love Byron's song, "Get Up" and "Sing a Song," and maybe I'll post those one day, but for now I'm sharing this old Ten City record. It's sweet and melodic and it's been covered pretty well by other artists in later years. The lyrics are awesome (see below!) and I'm sorry there's no video for it, only song! Enjoy!

That's the Way Love Is - Club Stories

That's the Way Love Is

Two people take a vow to be together
and live and love each other forever.
They promise to love a lifetime
funny thing

then they change their minds.
They both go their seperate ways and love is just a memory.
But a young heart doesn't stay sad long

another love soon comes along.

That's the way love is
that's the way love is

that's the way love is.

Two people don't get along
deep down in

both have feelings very strong

They try hard to conceal it.
Their hearts burn 'cause they both know they can feel it.

That's the way love is
that's the way love is

that's the way love is.

Lovers leave without a reason
feelings change just like seasons.
In love nothing's for certain

There's no use in pretending what's behind the curtain.

That's the way love is
that's the way love is

that's the way love is.

No one knows how this feeling goes
it's hard to believe

Even stranger to conceive.
It's so gratifying
love's feeling
ain't no denying.
Yet it's so unfair when the feeling's no longer there.

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