Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Johnny Driver Gasps at Madonna Press Conference

Image Source: Shosho Designs

Say it isn't so! My friend Rich sent me an email today with a video of Madonna at a news conference in Venice, where her new film "W.E." was screened at the Venice Film Festival. Apparently the video went viral, with more than a million hits in one day, and it would have made Johnny Driver very upset.

The video is titled, "Madonna Loathes Hydrangeas," and it shows a fan handing her a single stemmed purple hydrangea, which the singer places beneath the table and whispers, "I loathe hydrangeas." You see, Johnny once wrote an open letter to his fans where he dreamt of delivering flowers to his idol in the Hamptons, where she'd just bought a house. Anyone who's ever read the Misadventures of Johnny Driver knows that hydrangeas are THE flower of the Hamptons, and boy, Johnny's very lucky his dream never came to fruition!

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