Monday, September 5, 2011

Song of the Day - Back to Life - Soul II Soul

Image Source: Live a Good Life

Today is Tuesday, September 6th...the first day back at school for teachers and I couldn't think of a more appropriate song than this one. Most of you probably don't know this version of "Back to Life." It only appeared on the album as an acapella and music was added to it when it became a hit single. Sure, the popular version of the song is had that signature Soul II Soul sound, but this version, oh this version is simply goosebump inducing!

About three quarters into the song comes the best part, when suddenly a hot, hot drum beat accompanies the sounds of Caron Wheeler's voice for a funky, dancey finish. I used to rewind this one over and over again all the time, and I remember that whoever I introduced to it loved it just as much! Unfortunately there was no video for this version, so you have to listen to it. Stay with it the whole way through...I promise you're gonna love it! In the meantime, I'll post the radio version below, as well...

The Hot Version

The Version You Know

Back to Life - Keep On Movin'

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