Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30th, 2011 - Chapel of Love; My Poor Babies

Friday! I love Fridays. Doesn’t everyone? I guess as long as you’re a weekday worker you do, but if you work on the weekends, well… Hey, I know what it’s like, believe me. I’ve done plenty of weekends of working in my time and now… Yeah, baby, I just love the weekends!

Today’s the last day of September and it is absolutely gorgeous outside, and here I sit indoors typing away…oh well!

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Going to the Chapel

Tomorrow my friend Lori is getting married to her one and only, Pasquale. Lori is a coworker of mine that I truly adore and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s been planning this almost as long as I know her and I’m sure the time has gone by much quicker for her than it has for me.

This is the first wedding I’m going to in about ten years and much to my surprise I’m looking forward to it. I hope everything goes well…I’m sure it will be beautiful! So Lori and Pasquale, this one’s for you!

Chapel of Love - Chapel of Love

My Poor Babies

I think I have…well, had (I hope anyway!) a problem with my two kitties, Dylan and Diego. Within the last week I noticed first Diego and then Dylan scratching an awful lot. At first I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed scabs on the backs of both of their necks. Uh oh! Yep, I had high suspicions that it was those dreaded little buggers: fleas.

How could my cats get fleas? They’re both indoor tabbies. I remember once my old cat, Spike, who was also an indoor cat, got them. In his case, Joe and I figured out that those fleas came in on our houseplants that we had had outside for the summer and brought back into the house for the colder months, but that didn’t happen this time.

Honestly, I don’t know how they got em’, and though I haven’t seen any, I’m pretty sure they just came in through the screens of my back door and/or my windows. I took a trip to Petco yesterday to see what I could find and the girl working there said that ever since Hurricane Irene came through, they’ve had a lot of cases of fleas on indoor cats. Hmm?

Poor Me

I’ve kinda sorta been freaking out about it, as you can imagine. My friend Rich told me that I should put Borax, the soap detergent, on all of my rugs and let it sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming it up. So after buying the store brand of Frontline for the kitties, I stopped at the supermarket and went about my busy-ness in de-fleaing my home before it got bad. I washed all of my bed linens and sprinkled the powdery detergent literally everywhere. I applied the serum on both kitties, which was no easy task, believe me, and went about cleaning up all of that dusty mess with the vacuum cleaner. Five hours worth of cleaning!

I think, I hope, it worked. I haven’t seen either Dylan or Diego scratch once, although they still seem a little frazzled by the stuff I put on them yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed…

Well, as always I’ve got more to share, but time is running short. Going out for a little birthday cake for Nancy Lou in a bit, and I’ve gotta get my workout in first. Here’s hoping you all have a great freakin’ weekend!

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