Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Few Happy Birthday Shoutouts

I haven't done many birthday shoutouts lately, but there have been so many lately, and of people (and animals!) I'm really appreciative in my life, that I thought I'd opt for a special one here. So here we go...

Happy B'day Dylan and Diego!

Dylan and Diego are my two kitties.  They're the ones who keep me company on lonely days and nights alone at home and they are the very first pets I've ever had on my own.  Today is their 5th birthday and I wanted to take the opportunity to share these two cuties with you.  They are brothers, but look nothing alike, and for me they were the perfect choice.  You see, Dylan is a Tuxedo that looks just like mine and Joe's first cat, Spike, only he's one of those Earnest Hemingway cats.  That is, he's got extra digits on both of his front paws...so cute!  Diego is a little furry beast that's kind of adorable.  The two of them are like typical brothers...they play, they wrestle and they fight for my attention.  The two of them are a gentle and loving as cats can be and I'm happy to have them.

Their baby picture, lol

So cute!

Happy Birthday Vera!

Vera is one of my oldest friends, and even though we don't get to see each other too often, I still love her to death!

Younger Days

Recent Years

Happy Birthday Bro!

Yesterday was my little brother David's birthday...I just couldn't leave him out of this...

That's Dave next to his wife Kim on the right towards the front

Happy Birthday to my LIPSA buddies Ray and Tim

I've mentioned before to you about the LIPSA bowling league I recently joined right here in Patchogue, and it's one of the best things I've ever done.  Never in such a short period of time have I met so many great people and made new friends who I think will be around for a long time to come, and two of them have February birthdays also.

I met Tim on my very first night of bowling, when my team, The Meetballs, met his.  I immediately hit it off with Tim and we've spent many a good time together with plenty more too come, I'm sure!  So happy birthday buddy!

Ray was a fellow member of my first team and is a totally awesome guy.  Happy Birthday buddy!

Me,, Ray and his partner Michael

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