Thursday, February 7, 2013

P!nk's Video for 'Just Give Me a Reason'

Thanks to working I'm a few hours behind on this one, alright maybe a day, but I just got to my email from P!nk's Page trumpeting the premiere of the video for Just Give Me a Reason and I just got to watch it.  Prediction: this is going to be a big hit for Ms. P!nk and Mr.. Ruess!

It's funny, but when I first started watching the video and saw the bed, I wondered if Nate was going to play the part he plays in the song.  I dunno, but I thought that would be kind of weird, especially since he was so reluctant to perform the song as a duet (he co-wrote the song with our star).  When we finally got to the second verse, indeed it was not Mr. Ruess in the steamy bed, but a tatooed god.

As scenes of the couple in the bed heat up the screen, we fade back to see Nate's image on the television screen doing his part.  I loved it!  Later on, the two appear together, vintage microphones in hand, belting out the quickly familiar chorus in a nice add-on to the rest of the video.  This short is another nice, and mature, artistic work by the singer and judging by what I know of the song and have heard people's reaction to it, my prediction stands.

Check out the original video on Pink's VEVO page right here.

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