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The 55th Annual Grammy Nominees for Pop Songs

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will be telecast this Sunday, February 10th on CBS and I thought I'd throw a few picks in from the main category of pop music, just for fun, and also so I can throw my opinion in on some music from the past year... 

Record of the Year

Lonely Boy - The Black Keyes
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson
We Are Young - Fun
Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

This one's a really difficult category this year.  All six of these songs are wonderful in their own way, and they cover a wide variety of genres.  The Keys' Lonely Boy is a fast-moving rock classic, Kelly Clarkson's #1 single off her eponymous album is an uplifting pop ditty, and Fun had a genuine coming of age anthem with We Are Young.  

Gotye came out of nowhere to give us one of the coolest songs of the year, and Frank Ocean's Thinkin' Bout You is a modern R&B classic.  Rounding out the six nominees is country music sweetheart Taylor Swift with her sugary sweet We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Who should win?
Like I said, this is a tough one, but I'd give it to Gotye because this particular song was very all over the place for much of the year, more-so than any of the other records on this list.

Who Will win?
Swift.  She's just seems to be the darling of awards shows.

Song of the Year

The A-Team - Ed Sheeran
Adorn - Miguel
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson

The songs in this category are nominated for songwriting, and since like most of you I recognize songs by the artist, that's who I listed above.  I wasn't familiar with the first two songs nominated in this category until I began writing this post.  The first one, The A-Team, is also written by Brit artist Ed Sheeran and it's a melodic, folksy song that's pretty darned good.  The song was more of an international hit than it was here, though it became kind of a sleeper hit late in the year, peaking at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Miguel's Adorn is a smooth, silky R&B ballad that's got a really nice groove.  The song is from Miguel's second album, Kaleidoscope Dream, and it peaked at #17 on the charts.  Call Me Maybe...well...what can I say about that one?  I'll give the songwriters credit for writing a killer hook that stayed in all of our heads for much of the year.  Finally, we're down to Clarkson and Fun (see above).

Who should win?
Having only heard it once, I might go with Sheeran's tune.  It is a really good piece of songwriting and after only one listen I'm planning on downloading it.  If he doesn't get the nod, I think Fun should win it.

Who will win?
My thoughts are with Ms. Kelly Clarkson, who solidified her image as a bona fide pop/rock/country/dance star with not only this song, but her entire set.

Best Pop Solo Performance
Set Fire to the Rain (Live) - Adele
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
Wide Awake - Katy Perry
Where Have You Been - Rihanna

Who should win?
I'm partial here to Perry, who's got such a way with pop songs...

Who will win?
I think that if Jepson wins in any category, it'll be this one.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine
We Are Young - Fun
Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
Payphone - Maroon 5 & Wiz Khalifa

Who should win?
My pick in this category would be Fun.  Once again, their anthem is a great mix of songwriting, drama, and performance.

Who will win?
I think the prize will be given to Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa.  If Swift is the darling of awards shows, so is Adam Levine in the world of pop these days.

Well, those are all the categories for pop songs.  To see nominees for all of the other categories including Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and more, check out the Grammy's.

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