Monday, February 11, 2013

A Winter Evening's Walk

Seven o'clock
I grab my cigs, my phone, and my iPod 
Head off into the night
The air had warmed,
Turning to fog over the snow strewn landscape

It's a potentially dangerous walk
On these perilous streets
"Don't forget my wallet!"
I rush back into the house
A morbid reminder of potential disaster

I risk my evening walk anyway
For the solace of darkness
And the solitude
That jars my thinking
I am at peace, if just for a little while

Oh, the beautiful stillness of such a night!
Remnants of a blizzard not long gone
Have kept everyone inside
Only a very few cross my path this evening
I am virtually alone

The walk is not long
Tonight's I follow the short route
But for that little while
I am king of the world
At one with my surroundings

And it is beautiful!

If only I could feel like this forever...


1 comment:

  1. Such a silent walk, so frozen in time. Wish this walk could be longer as well.