Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black History Month Song of the Day - Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley

Reggae music is yet another genre within the very large realm of black music.  The tribute to Bob Marley at the Grammy's the other night put him into the inner workings of my musical-loving brain, and I wanted to share him here.


Buffalo Soldier was the very first Bob Marley song I ever heard.  It's a tribute to the black U.S. Cavalry regiments who fought in the Indian wars in the late 1800's, their struggle for survival cast as "a symbol of black resistance."  The track is pure, classic reggae, with the familiar Jamaican percussion and of course Marley's island-tinged vocals.  It's one of the last songs the late, great Marley ever recorded, and it's definitely worthy of a listen...

Bob Marley-Buffalo Soldier by harrison73


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