Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ya-hoo! I'm a Top 1000 Contributor Again


I just saw on my Yahoo Contributor page that I have been awarded a badge as being one of YCN's Top 1000 Contributors for 2012.  This is the third straight year I've received such an honor, and this was a little surprising because last year I'd written less articles than in any year prior.  Even though the new stuff still gets page views, a lot of what I've written in the past still gets read, which is pretty cool!

I wanted to copy the badge to post here, but the site wouldn't let me, so here's a screen shot of my page featuring the badge.  I know it's small, but the new one is the yellow one on the bottom right, preceded by the prior two years' badges and a Hot 500 one, which I've been awarded five months running now for being one of the network's top 500 most read readers.  Pretty kewl, too, huh?  

Any-who, since I'm plugging myself on what I still call AC (Associated Content, the site's old name), here are a few pieces that have been getting the most reads this past month:

Yeah, so who would have guessed it?  Some of my best performing articles are about music.  They're not the only ones, though, that get great page views:

As you can see, like my writings on this blog, my pieces on Yahoo run the gamut on topics I find interesting.  Music is assuredly my first love, as anyone can see from reading anything I put out there, but I've done stories on travel, commentaries on everything from news stories to politics and anything and everything concerning my so-called gay life.  I've done recipes and reviews, quotes and school stories...a little bit of everything to go around for people of different flavors.  

Some of my favorite pieces, though, are the personal ones.  Either poetic pieces having to do with moments in my life or personal anecdotes of interesting things in my life.  Here are a couple of them:

I hate when I am in the fitting room in the men's department and wives, girlfriends and mothers feel free to just walk in...grrrrr!!!!

This was a tough one to write!  Enough said!

Oh man, I can go on and on and on...  It seems that over the past week or so I've got my writing bug back a bit, so hopefully my readers will have some new things to read from me soon.  The next milestone for me on Yahoo should happen within the next couple of months: 1/2 million page views.  John's World is closing in on that milestone, too, which would give me over a million altogether.  Hella cool!  

Thanks to anyone and everyone who reads me on a regular or even a once in awhile basis.  I really appreciate it!

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