Saturday, February 9, 2013

Damn That Was a Lot of Snow!

This isn't a really great picture, but you can see from inside my office on the second floor of my house that it is completely white outside.  I woke up this morning to see that the snow had stopped falling sometime during the night, but I think it was enough anyway.  It turns out that we got much more snow than was expected here on Long Island.  Where early predictions were of around 12 to 16', we got more than two feet!

The snow was falling so hard at one point that I had gone outside to get a head start on shoveling and by the time I had gotten too my driveway, the stoop I had already shoveled was covered in snow already.  Areas on the East End received higher snowfall totals than western areas, with 30.7 inches of snow recorded in Central Islip, more than two feet in Smithtown, Pt. Jeff, Stony Brook and other areas.  We got just around two feet here in Patchogue.  Several motorists were stranded on the Long Island Expressway and had to be rescued by police using snowmobiles.  More than 10,000 are without power.

The northeastern New England states got belted the most, with one area in Connecticut getting a whopping 40 inches of snow.  

Before I head out there to clean up and take my own shots, here are a few I got from Facebook:

Holtsville, Long Island

Boston,, MA

Bohemia, Long Island

Somewhere in Connecticut

Blanchie's David all nekkid out there in the cold, wet snow

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  1. 16-17 inches here, John. Sun melting some of it (thankfully!) Cheers :) - we survived Nemo, on to the Big Dig!