Monday, February 25, 2013

American Horror Story: Asylum "The Name Game"

I FINALLY got to watch the second season of American Horror Story: The Asylum last week and though it wasn't nearly as good as the first one, I did like it.  Me and my pal Laura Kim had decided a long time ago to watch it as a marathon all in one day, as that is practically how I watched the first one, and we weren't able to get together to do it until last week.

Unlike the first season, this one didn't feature ghosts and haunted houses, but was set in an insane asylum up in Massachusetts run by the Catholic church in the 1960's.  I won't give away the story, but the fabulous Jessica Lange, who won an Emmy for her performance in the first series, plays a less than pure nun who runs the asylum at first, but then succumbs to the evil forces surrounding the place, becoming one of the patients.

After dealing with a round of electric shock therapy, 'Sister Jude' has simply lost it and walks over to the jukebox in the common room and tries to shut off the music.  Lana, our heroine, walks over to her and asks if she remembers her name.  That's when a totally serious scene becomes highly entertaining!  Watch and smile as this insane asylum goes truly insane, dancing that is, to a suddenly transformed Sister Jude.


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