Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Every once in awhile
I just get tired of being broke
I make plenty of money
Yet I'm always broke
It just makes me so sad

Can't afford much
Living eats away all my money
Food, gas, mortgage payment
And forget about upkeep of a house
Vacation's are a thing of the past

People have a hard time understanding
How I'm so broke all the time
I tell ya this
I sometimes don't understand it myself
But then I look around

I live in America, for one thing
No...check that
I live in New York, even worse!
Empty my wallet at the gas pump, 
The grocery store, and everywhere in between

But yes, only in America
Can you still be paying off debt
You incurred years ago
It never seems to go away
Banks get rich and I'm become broker

Yet I see money all around me
Housewives in gas guzzlers
Talking on their cells, as kids watch vids in the back
Kids driving Beemers, wearing Gucci, D&G, and Hugo
Flying past me on the road, with a smirk, or a finger

So what's wrong with this picture?
In America we say work hard and you'll reap the rewards
Live the American Dream
I work hard, too hard sometimes
Yet I'm always broke

So what's the answer?
Rob a bank, stop paying my bills
Go on welfare?
Nah, I can't do that
That's not me

So I guess I'll just go on being broke
Working hard, struggling harder
Perhaps I'll be rewarded when I'm beyond, who knows?
Till then I'll keep on keeping on
Hoping for a miracle, so's I'm broke no more

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  1. Ah, the money woes, I understand it all too well. I have very,very bad years and at times I have done well. I have learned to focus on my money and enjoy the amount I have but hey, I wouldn't mind a little more in the bank account :)