Monday, April 22, 2013

Song of the Day - I Want to Break Free - Queen

In case you missed it, I did my 'Q' post yesterday on the inimitable rock band Queen, and so I just had to post one of their tunes here this morning.  This one's from 1984's The Works album, and it's classic Queen, catchy and fun, and something we can all identify with I think.  Oh, and Freddie Mercury in drag...haha!


  1. When I first moved to Edmonton we came across the coolest dude ever.

    He looked like Freddie, glossy black hair, gorgeous mustache, wearing pink everything: earrings, pink and black striped t shirt-deliciously tight- pink lipstick and driving this huge honkin' white truck (every Alberta man owns one) with pink graphics splashed across the rear window. He was like a short haired version of Freddie here. I haven't seen him since, but I'll never forget him. He made me realize Edmonton was more than just an Oil Town and I think of him every time I see this video!

  2. Awe, what a great story! Thanks for sharing...