Thursday, April 18, 2013

Song of the Day - American Boy - Estelle, with Kanye West


It's hard to believe this song is practically five years old.  Back in 2008, this song was all over the place.  It was catchy, irresistible, and a lot of fun to sing along to.  The song made me a fan of the now 33 year-old British R&B singer, songwriter and rapper.  Her album Shine, on which this song appeared, was chock full of dance ditties, fun pop tunes and a couple of nice ballads, too.

Estelle has since released another record, All of Me, in 2012, but it hasn't fared nearly as well as the former.  I featured a couple of songs from All of Me, and I like the album.  It's really too bad the thing sputtered, because I might have paid it more attention on my own. Ah well, keep a going Ms. Estelle!

Estelle "American Boy" music video from Syndrome Studio on Vimeo.

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