Monday, April 29, 2013

Song of the Day - Dress You Up - Madonna

   Remember this Madonna?

Over the weekend I came into some Madonna remixes that I'd never heard before, and I've been listening to them all weekend, reliving a lot of the past thirty years of my life, and in all new and yet familiar ways.  New and different interpretations of Madge songs from throughout her career blasted in my headphones as I boogeyed about my day.  There was one remix of this song that stuck in my head for hours after I heard it.  This one's not the remix I have, but it's pretty cool.  So are some of the images in the vid.  Click play and then get dressed up and have a great day!

Madonna - Dress You Up (Reinvention mix) [RWB... by rebelrich



  1. I never liked her, thought she was weird and very crass, then later decided she was very two faced. All the obnoxious sexually inappropriate things she said, or did (as well as how she dressed), ...and then she acts all high and might when she has a child about not letting her daughter watch tv so she's not influenced by trash. Hello....she's influenced by you...and you represented nothing by trash for a much longer period of time then you decided to pretend to be Lilly white.

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  2. My daughter was about 10 yr. old when "Like a Virgin" was popular. She loved that song, had the dance moves down, and sang it loudly. Now she is in her late 30s and hates Madonna.

  3. Ooh, all I can say is I love her! Sorry!