Thursday, April 5, 2012

All new post-dentist high viral video...

Well folks, we have a brand new, hysterical viral video of a post-dentist high!  And this time it's from a North Carolina girl who'd just had her wisdom teeth pulled. From the moment the video starts with her leaving the dentist's chair after surgery, her groggy-filled comments get you laughing.

Just a couple of years back, another video starring an adorable young boy named David garnered mega hits when it hit YouTube.  David's video takes place in the back seat of dad's car just around the time he awakens from his anesthetic slumber.  The video is priceless, as David wonders aloud if "this is real life" and worriedly asking his dad if "this is going to last forever."  To date, David's post-dentist video has earned more than 109 million hits.

Now we have a whole new round of anesthesia-induced silliness to tickle our fancies.  Just about a month ago, the North Carolina girl (amcooksey on YouTube) posted this one, which her mom shot after the extraction of her wisdom teeth.

Once again, the post-anesthesia high transports her into a fantasy world, where she believes she's a wizard in the Harry Potter stories and vows revenge against the dentist upon learning that he's taken her wisdom teeth.  It's another one of those videos that'll get you giggling, for sure! Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel showed it on his show this week and to date this one's garnered almost a quarter-million views.  Check it out...


And in case you haven't seen it before, here's David's video:

Source: Yahoo


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