Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Writing Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Wow, I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  It feels like it came quicker thann a usual Wednesday would, probably because I'm off from work.  I promised myself that I'd get out and see "Hunger Games" today (finally!), so I just wanted to put this out there before I go.  Since I missed last week, there's plenty of stuff to cover, so here we go...

A to Z Challenge

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I've been participating in the Blogging fro A to Z April 2012 Challenge.  I sort of participated in it last year, though it took me awhile to finish (way beyond April, lol).  This year I'm actually an official participant and so far I'm on target with the rest of my fellow bloggers.  I love the challenge because it forces me to reach into topics I wouldn't ordinarily write about, and I think that some of them are really pretty good.  Check out what I've written so far:

A is for Abs   ...I want em so bad!

B is for Boy Bands...The Wanted, One Direction...a reincarnation of the genre for the new decade?

C is for Cheese...I crave it!

D is for Dark Shadows...A horror soap opera resurrected for 2012.

E is for Easter Eggs...Egg-coloring fun at school.

F is for Friday Songs...TGIF, TGIF, TGIF...

G is for the Grove...Cherry Grove, that is!

H is for Happy...My latest poem.

I is for Ice Hotels...Cool!  I mean, cold!

Today will be a "J" day, but I'm still undecided!

Madonna News

Of course, now that "M.D.N.A." is in full swing, I've tried my best to keep up with news items I've found worthy of note:

Madonna earns 8th #1 album with "M.D.N.A."

"M.D.N.A." faces huge drop in sales in its second week 

Madonna's set list revealed

This one is fresh off of Perez Hilton's blog, with exciting news about some of the songs Madge will be performing on her upcoming tour.

More "M.D.N.A." Track Reviews

I finally made it all the way through the tracks on the new record.  I actually reworked them and put them all together in one place on Yahoo, but I'm still waiting for it to be published. (This is why I hardly write for them anymore!)  Take a look at my thoughts on the remainder of "M.D.N.A.", complete with audio:

Some Girls                                  Superstar

I Don't Give A...                         I'm a Sinner

Masterpiece                               Love Spent

Falling Free                               Beautiful Killer

I F**ked Up                            B-Day Song

Best Friend

Music Tidbits

Here are some news items about the artists I follow:

The Wanted to appear on American Idol

Last week, my favorite "boy band" of the moment appeared on the AI elimination show.  The above post was an announcement of the performance, yet I haven't had the opportunity to share it here, until now...

P!nk is back, and she recently shared her excitement of what's to come in a personall letter to her fans.

P!nk dyed her hair pink once again and shows it off in some cute pictures with hubby Carey and baby Willow.

Hip hop princess Missy Elliott is back and she made a surprise appearance in NYC last Thursday with her pal and collaborator Timbaland to preview a new song.

The Funny

In the past couple of weeks, I've shared a couple of funny items, too:

Oh, I could've written these!

Does anyone remember the hysterical video of David after the dentist?  Well, it seems that these types of silly videos have become very popular among YouTube viewers and there's a brand new one of a North Carolina girl after getting her wisdom teeth pulled.  It's not as funny as David's video, but it is funny!


In a cool twist, Six Flags in both Arlington, TX and St. Louis, MO are changing up their "coolest coasters on the planet," Mr. Freeze to go backwards for the season.  I so wanna ride!

The Personal

When I first started writing regularly for this blog, most of my posts have been in the form of memoirs, and several people that I know follow me like these types of posts most of all.  Keeping that in mind, I continue to intersperse these within the blog.  Here are a couple from the past two weeks:

On March 28th, I went to an Aunt Barbara Tupperware party, which is always a good time, and next I had a reunion with one of my oldest friends, Marcia, who was up here from Florida for a visit.  The meatloaf?  Well, that was a lesson I taught in school that was awesome enough to talk about!  I also wrote a review piece on the Tupperware party for Examiner, which you can see here.

This one I just posted yesterday.  I went to Splash last weekend and the resulting post is something that Ii just had to say about where that club seems to be going in comparison to the new XL.  Stay tuned for an Examiner piece once I visit the new place.

On Monday, my pal LK and I headed out east to take some pictures for my websites, of which I am still having trouble deciding to use.  Lots of samples in this post, hehe.

Restaurant Week

Finally, I penned an article just the other day on Long Island's 2nd Annual Spring Restaurant Week.  I just love this promo, as it allows you to check out some great eateries you wouldn't normally try because the $24.95 prix fixe menu is so nice.  Read on here.

Whew, that was a lot, huh?  I really need to stay on top of WW to avoid such in depth posts as this one.  If you're still reading by now, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you enjoy at least some of the things I put out there.  I always try my best to find interesting things to share from among my many interests.  Writing Wednesday is a great way for you to muddle through my writings to check out what you like, so I hope you'll tune in at least once a week for that.

And remember, you can subscribe to a once-daily digest of John's World by entering your email address at the top right section of this page.  Thanks as always for reading and Happy Hump Day!  Now, it's off to see "The Hunger Games"...  

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Love and Pride

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