Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H is for Happy


All I really want is to be happy
I just can’t seem to define it
What it looks like, what it smells like
What it feels like
I’m not really sure

Life’s all about pursuing happiness
Finding a certain bliss in living
Happy’s not the same to everyone
We’ve all got our dreams and our desires
And we’d all like to realize them

Sometimes I imagine what happiness feels like
Money in my pocket
Love all around me
Lying on the beach on a hot summer’s day
Someone special to share my life with

Every day I awake, hoping for happiness
Yet always finding it elusive
Am I happy?
Is anyone, really?
Thinking about it has brought me to one conclusion

Happiness is a temporary thing
But it’s there
In one form or another
Just like sadness, and anger
And I found there’s an easy secret to being happy

Just savor those times when you live them
Enjoy whatever moments you get
Make em last as long as you can
Cause all of those blissful moments together
Make happy

Image Source: tiptaptip

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