Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011 - Welcome back Ms. Pink!

It’s Saturday night and I’m looking forward to going dancing later. Though today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, it wasn’t a complete wash either. I finally bought a car stereo for my Eclipse. When I first got the car in October, it didn’t take me long to realize that the stereo in it didn’t have a plug for my iPod, which for me was a travesty. I’ve been driving around listening to my music on my headphones, which has been a huge pain in the butt. I still have to wait though…
Best Buy is apparently backed up with car starter installations from Christmas and I have to wait until March 12th to have the stereo installed. At least it’s coming!

I found out tonight that I’ve got a new reader, one of my oldest and best buds Vera. We just got off the phone a few minutes ago and she was telling me that she’d spent quite some time on the blog last night. It came up because of something I said during our conversation that she already knew. I believe it was about my upcoming extractions. Anyway, when I asked her, she told me that was how she found out. I’m glad at least somebody’s reading, lol. Lately it seems that this is how my friends stay caught up with me…

As any good friend of mine would, Vera has had enough of a history with me to know just how crazy I am about music. Back in the day, we used to go clubbing every weekend and in the more recent past, before she became a mommy, we’d spent many a night dancing around in my house. Ah, good times!

Anyway, during our conversation we talked about one of my favorite singers, Pink, and how she’s about to have a baby. That was all it took for me to start singing “So What” into her ear, which gave her a chuckle or two and put the Pink bug into my ear.

“I guess I just lost my husband, I don’t know where he went…”

So now I’m listening to “Please Don’t Leave Me” and the rest of her absolutely amazing “Funhouse” CD. I’ve stayed away from listening to her for a long while because a couple of her songs made me think of him, namely “Raise Your Glass” and “Glitter in the Air,” but she’s too good to give up for too long. Last year I’d listened to the album so much that most of the songs on it are still on my Top 25 most played on my iPod.

“I’m the instigator of underwear, showing up here and there
Uh oh…Oh no…”

So welcome back to my world, Ms. Pink. I’ve missed you. Here’s some concert footage of “Bad Influence.” Enjoy!

For a couple of articles by me on Pink, check these out:

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By the way, Happy Birthday to Vera's oldest, Frankie!

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