Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011 - My mind thinking aloud

What a long day today was! With the two hour delay we had, my day at work was extra long because I have such an early lunch this year. By the time school actually started, lunch time had already passed and I had to endure the rest of the day in my classroom without any breaks. Sure it was nice having extra time to get ready this morning, but if weather delays are going to be like this I’d rather just go in at the normal time.

First Step to a Better Me

Today I made the first step in my resolution to take care of myself…well, in a way. I’ve already been trying to get back to working out on a regular basis again, but what I’m talking about here is actually getting to see doctors. I didn’t see a doctor today, but I did go to the dentist, which is something I’ve been putting off almost as long as I’ve been putting off going to the doctor.

I’ve been having an on again, off again toothache and so I knew I’d have to call the dentist eventually, which I did yesterday. As I suspected, I think this just might be the “disaster away from disaster” that I’ve been waiting for. I have a feeling that on top of having to get a tooth pulled (ugh!), I’m going to need some pretty expensive implants, and of course the insurance I have doesn’t cover much. I never thought that was fair, dental insurance. I mean, isn’t your dental health important enough to be considered a health issue? If my medical insurance covered my dental issues, I would have taken care of those implants a long time ago! It’s a good thing I’m going to be out of my mortgage soon, one way or another, lol.

A Troubled Mind, Part 1

Well it’s Wednesday night and the clock is ticking! I have a situation I don’t know how to handle, but it’s not one which I feel good about discussing here. It’s just a decision I need to make and I need to make it soon. All I can do is pray for guidance on how to go about it…wish me luck!

A Troubled Mind, Part 2

My writer’s block continues. I’ve had much time to write the past couple of nights, but nothing comes. I guess I’ve got so many other things on my mind these days I’m having trouble focusing. Life is way too busy sometimes, and always complicated. I did pen a music piece earlier: “Songs that Motivate and Inspire.” It was fun to write because the songs I talk about are among some of my all time favorites…they have always made me feel good and I hope the piece gets published quickly. It was a painstaking process with a lot of distractions, but I finally got it done.

Well I think I’ve said enough for one night! It’s late and I’m tired. If you’re reading this, I want to thank you for listening to me ramble on…it’s my way of laying my thoughts out in one place and I hope it’s been at least a little entertaining to read my rambles. Thanks again!

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