Sunday, February 20, 2011

Song(s) of the Day - Robyn's Best at Radio City

Last night I was in my car listening to my "Favorites" playlist on my iPod and Robyn came on. When the tracks reached "Stars 4 Ever", I said to myself that I would post it on FB in the morning, so that's just what I did. There's no video for the tune, but there is an audio track set to a photo of Robyn which is usually fine for FB.

To my surprise, however, there were plenty of videos of concert footage featuring Robyn singing the song. I scrolled around a bit and voila! There she was singing it at Radio City, the show I had seen. As I watched and listened, I saw that there were other videos of the concert and since it is Sunday, I figured I'd post some of them here as multiple "Songs of the Day."

As I noted previously here and in my article, which I'll link below, the concert was awesome, simply for the great music and mutual admiration between Robyn and her fans. No matter the circumstances surrounding the show for me, it was a night worth remembering and these scenes bring me back to that great show. I hope you'll watch a couple to see what I mean. Enjoy!

Time Machine

This is the opening of the concert, and one of my new favorite Robyn songs!

"Hey what did I do?
Can't believe the fit I just threw.
Wanted the reaction...

I remember the words
How I said them so they would hurt
but then, I regret my actions.

If I could press rewind
Rewind the take
Redefine the line
We make mistakes,
take it back in time
Just one day...hey!

So all I need is a time machine
A one way track
cause I'm taking it back, taking it back..."

Dancing On My Own

This was one of the best songs of the show! It's the first Robyn song from "Body Talk" that I loved and it was clear that this Grammy nominated song was a favorite of the audience members, too, as you can hear them singing along. Ah, goosebumps!

Stars 4 Ever

"You and me on the hood of my car, Saturday night, watching the stars."

This was a great sing along!

Konichiwa Bitches

Nuthin but fun!

Hang With Me

The sound on this on is not so great, but the video is closer up than the others, so that's why I chose it!

"...and if you do me right, I'm gonna do right by you..." :-\


Simply awesome! Great video, bad singing by a nearby fan!

Get Myself Together

For some reason there are only two videos of this one and neither of them start at the beginning???

Here are a couple of Yahoo featured articles by me on Yahoo Contributor Network:

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The title says it all!

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