Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6, 2011 - Robyn at Radio City; Splash; Allyance

Today has been a day full of writing! I’ve been working on stuff since I woke up around 10:30 this morning and all I can say is that I’m glad it’s not summer otherwise I’d be missing out on being outside, even though I do have to get out of here soon. There’s a lot to talk about today, so here goes:


I did it. After planning all along not to go to the Robyn concert yesterday I changed my mind late in the day. I couldn’t help but have Robyn on the brain all day and so I listened to her “Body Talk” albums for most of it. I decided around 5 o’clock that I couldn’t let it pass and so I quickly showered and dressed and was off to Radio City.

This was one of the first times I missed the opening acts, which wasn’t so bad. I did catch the tail end of an act called “Diamond Rings”, but I hardly paid attention anyway. Robyn was awesome! The show was sold out, which I hadn’t known beforehand, and the crowd was very enthusiastic. It’s hard to remember a concert that I’ve been to where the whole audience was on their feet dancing throughout the show. A review of it was my first article of the day and you can check it out here.

This was the second time in my life I went to a concert by myself. Those who know me and have been following my life know the situation that brought me to the Robyn concert, but even the last time I went to a concert alone it was because of dealings with an ex. About three years ago I bought tickets to see Mary J Blige, also at Radio City. When I bought them, I had no idea who was going to go with me and as the time got closer I realized that the only other person that loved her as much as me was Joe. So I asked him. It was about a year after we had broken up.

Unfortunately for me, the date of the concert was his birthday and when I told him that he immediately said no. “I’m sorry John, but I don’t want to spend my birthday with you,” was his actual response. So I went alone, wasting the second ticket I had bought. It wasn’t so bad, a lot like going to the movies alone. Once the lights go out it doesn’t really matter if you’re with someone or not. That show was great, too, even though it carried with it a lot of the same feelings as last night.

Robyn at Radio City last night. For more photos and the set list, click here.


After the show, I headed on down to Splash. I had parked my car down there and took the subway uptown to Radio City as I didn’t want to have to pay for parking. It was the first time I’d ridden the subway in a long time and I forgot how pleasant that can be. Of course the trains were few and far between as it was Saturday night and both ways I had to wait at least twenty minutes for a train. Oh well, at least I got to see some rats and the Metrocard was much cheaper than a parking garage.

It felt good to go dancing again. The music was pretty good, so I got to work off a lot of calories on the dance floor, but since I had gone into the city so much earlier than usual I left a little early. I was tired! The bar staff made a funny last night, too. They were all bedecked in firemen’s hats. At first I hadn’t realized it, but then I remembered that there was a fire in the coatroom there last Saturday (the one week I hadn’t gone, thankfully!) and they were simply acknowledging it. Ha ha!


The second piece I penned this morning was about a project I’m somewhat excited about. I first learned of it through Facebook pal and fellow Long Island writer Lady Samantha. It’s about a new anthology of LGBT works being compiled into a book called Allyance and it’s meant to help foster understanding about Long Island’s unique LGBT community. I submitted a piece for the project and if all goes well I will get my first ever publication in a real book. How cool is that? Stay tuned. Here’s the article: Call for submissions for Allyance, a Long Island LGBTQ anthology.

As always, thanks for reading. Catch you next time...

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