Thursday, February 10, 2011

Song of the Day - Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc. (Live At The MTV EMA's)

So far, the “Songs of the Day” featured on this blog have had no regular pattern, just like my video posts on Facebook. That’s just a little bit o me coming through because I listen to a lot of music each and every day, and in a lot of different genres and from many different time periods. So while one day you may see Adele’s latest, “Rolling in the Deep”, a couple of days later you may see Cyndi Lauper’s cover of Prince’s “When U Were Mine.”

I try to choose my songs of the day by either how I’m feeling on that particular day or just what I’ve been listening to. I know not everything fits everyone’s tastes, but hopefully there will always be something for you to enjoy amongst the great stuff I put out there.

Today’s selection is a video from the 2005 MTV Europe VMA’s. My ex and I had been watching the show when all of a sudden Gorillaz was introduced to the crowd. We both watched in awe as these life-like cartoonish characters took the stage to perform their then hit “Feel Good, Inc.” I was truly amazed at the technology of the performance…it was as if the characters were right there on the stage performing as any other act would be, yet they were not people. They were indeed cartoon characters.

Long Island rap trio De La Soul, who are featured on the song, joined the characters on stage for their rap interlude and I was hooked. The song is catchy and fun, and led me to buy the latest Gorillaz CD, “Demon Days.” The concept/storytelling album quickly became a favorite, and I became a bona fide fan! Though they’ve faded from the spotlight since (The group's latest CD "Stylo" wasn't nearly as successful!), this one always makes me tap my feet and smile! Check out the performance:

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