Monday, February 7, 2011

Song of the Day - "When Doves Cry", by Prince and a surprise cover by Robyn

“When Doves Cry,” by Prince, is one of my all time favorite songs! For me, the song will forever be associated with my first steps into Studio 54. The year was 1984 and a good friend of mine had free tickets to go to the infamous, but by then waning nightclub. I remember walking into the cavernous hall for the first time with a million wondrous images flashing all around me. I was in complete awe!

We stepped out on to the packed dance floor where a giant lighted heart swung like a pendulum over the revelers. A large video screen hung towards the back wall of the club, treating the masses with larger than life moving images in time to the music playing on the speakers. The first thing I remember seeing was the set of doors opening to reveal a floor covered in flower petals (purple, of course!) and a big white bathtub beyond. Prince was lying there with his head back, and soon rose to turn around and look at us.

Dig if you will the picture
Of you and I engaged in a kiss

He gets out of the tub and crawls across the floor.

The sweat of your body covers me,
Can you my darling, can you picture this?

And the song played on...and we danced. It was the beginning of a very memorable night. The song was the first hit off of the multi-talented singer’s “Purple Rain” soundtrack and it’s still my favorite track on an album full of great tracks. Back in those days, practically everyone I knew had the album, which was full of infectious sounds and taboo lyrics.

I probably saw the movie five times, at least, and each time being in the theater was like going to a concert, the crowds getting up and dancing upon the first lines of the movie:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get this thing called life...

But that’s another song...For now, enjoy Prince’s “When Doves Cry.” To this day I have no idea exactly what the song is about, but it doesn’t matter…it’s awesome!

How can you just leave me standing
Alone in a world that’s so cold…

For a full review of "Purple Rain" on YCN, click here.

- When Doves Cry
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Robyn's Cover

Here's a coincidental aside to the post: In looking for the video to "When Doves Cry," I discovered that Prince doesn't allow his videos on YouTube. This was only after sifting through video after video and not finding what I was looking for.

During my search I found something most unexpected. It seems that Robyn, the honoree for the past two days "Song of the Day," covered the Prince tune on video, in the studio. Check this out:

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