Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011

It’s Tuesday and we’re waiting for another impending snow storm. It looks like there’s not going to be anything open tomorrow, including school! Great, more time alone in the house! Anyway, I came home early from work today because I was feeling nauseous and just tired all over. I think my mental drain has been wreaking havoc with my body, too!

I published another piece yesterday, a part of my “Gay Man’s Single Files” series. It’s an amalgamation of a couple of entries that I posted here over the weekend. I thought my trip to Splash the other night was worthy of the series and of course I had to tie it in with what I’ve been going through lately. It’s all truth and it’s not very different from other things I’ve written in the past, but within moments of publishing it, I got a very disturbing comment. It was from a guy calling himself Willy Nilly and this is what he said:

You’re kidding right!!! You have been writing about this break up for weeks now...Get over it and move on...I have to say also you seem to be very shallow, self absorbed and a bit of a snob...Take a good look in the mirror dude, you’re not all that hot. Please know this that not all guys who smile at you are interested but maybe just want to be polite...Again get over yourself...

It’s not the first time I’ve been insulted on a piece I’d written, but it’s still hard to read. Though I don’t believe any of what the guy says, it’s still out there for all to see. Usually I have the ability to remove unwanted comments, but the site has been doing weird things and it wouldn’t let me. My friend Sherri, who is another writer for YCN, immediately posted a comment of her own defending me and I followed suit with my own reply. It was all I could do.

The comment only added to my trepidation about publishing the piece because of what he said about me talking about this damned breakup “for weeks.” I really don’t think I have been, at least not on YCN, though I’ve been using this forum as a means to let out my frustration with the whole thing. So from now on, I think I’m going to try and discuss other things on here as they come up. Hopefully in days to come I’ll have some other things on my mind…

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