Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011 - Ramblings

Happy Friday! Well it’s been a couple of days since I’ve written anything here…not too much going on this short week, except that we’re being treated to snow once again. Ugh! It’s not enough to close school, but they’re giving us two extra hours to get there and so here I am at my pc typing away.

Last night I had dinner with my good friend Laura Kim and we decided to take some pictures with her African Gray parrot. Frankly the thing scared me. Before we got to her house, I thought we were going to take pics with the thing on my shoulder, but I soon found out that that could be dangerous. So when she told me that I almost didn’t want to even do the pictures, but she ended up putting it on my knee and it was okay. I’ve never been much of a bird person and I’m still not, but still the pictures came out ok.

I’ve been really trying to work on my health this week, though not as much as I should. The other day I visited the school nurse to get weighed and found out that I’m actually at an ideal weight for my height. The revelation gave me some relief, but I still know that there are a lot of things I’m still not doing right, like drinking too much coffee and skipping meals. The coffee consumption has slowed down just a bit and I have eaten dinner the past couple of days even though I’ve had to force myself. I just need to keep these notions towards the forefront of my mind going forward.

Another health issue I’ve been dealing with is not one of my own. He’s been terribly sick for the past week, since even before he came for his visit. His main symptoms have been a sore throat and a terrible cough that keeps him awake at night. When we last discussed it, I told him for seemingly the umpteenth time that he should just go to the doctor, but for some reason he’s been dead set against going. I totally understand where he’s coming from because I’m not one to go to the doctor myself when I’m sick either.

When the New Year began, as it does every year, one of the resolutions I always make is to go to the doctor. As I get older, I realize it’s important to get checked out regularly. Besides, I definitely have health issues that should be looked at, and I always put it off. Every single year it’s the same thing…I start off with good intentions, but I never quite make those appointments. I’m going to set a goal to make one next week with a doctor!

Since I was so adamant with him about going to the doctor, two things have come to my mind. Of course, for one thing the classic “do as I say, not as I do” syndrome comes into play. Who am I to preach to him to go to the doctor when I don’t even go myself? I need to do myself before I can tell anybody to do the same.

The other issue that came up during this whole exchange is the relationship that he and I share. Of course being older and more experienced I’m always trying to share my insight into things, with good intentions always. Often he appreciates it and truly gives it thought. However this time he was very adamant about not going to the doctor and so yesterday a little discomfort arose after an email he’d sent me during the night. He’d had another terrible, sleepless night of pain and told me I was right about going to the doctor. I figured he’d finally go, but after a brief text exchange, I don’t think he did. I could be wrong, he’s had a history of pleasantly surprising me with his actions, but I just have a feeling he felt better in the morning and decided he was okay. I’d probably do the same and so I can’t fault him for it.

I realize that from now on I need to be mindful about any sort of preaching to him. I don’t ever want to be someone he keeps things from because they’re against some advice I’ve given him. I never want to be a nag!

Well, the clock is ticking and I’m soon off to get ready for work. Ugh, another weekend of snowy streets and freezing temperatures! I just don’t want to be stuck in the house alone all weekend…double ugh! Be safe out there!

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  1. Love the blog, John and the photo. And get thee to a doctor, young man. Now that you've posted it here, you'll be held accountable ;)