Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011 - Top 1000!

Tuesday night and there’s not much going on here today. I finally wrote and published an article on the Weight Watchers story I told you about yesterday. You can check it out at Weight Watchers: In the End It’s Still a Diet. I got a couple of calls about it today and people that know my family found it to be quite funny. One of my friends told me it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written (…and that was about the blog post yesterday! He hasn’t even seen the piece yet.).

My 1st AC Badge

Another mention in my blog post from yesterday was the fact that I’m fast approaching 250K page views on Associated Content, a very exciting milestone. Well this afternoon I got another very pleasant surprise. Every year, AC gives out its yearly awards for the previous year’s accomplishments. I knew I had been nominated for a couple of my articles and as a writer in the music category, yet I wasn’t expecting to win anything.

Lo and behold I got an unexpected email this afternoon that I had been awarded a badge on my profile page as one of AC’s Top 1000 Contributors for 2010. It’s the first badge I’ve ever received on the site (a badge is just that, a moniker on my profile that says that I am a Top 1000 contributor). With over 400,000 contributors on the network, that’s quite an accomplishment! (Takes a happy and proud bow!)


Over the past few days I’ve listened to a lot of comments from all sorts of friends who have been following me and I am now realizing that I’ve been a little too focused on the recent, upsetting developments in my life (lol!). Well, although things still aren’t wonderful, I’m beginning to see the forest for the trees, so to speak, and I’m beginning to realize a few things. At this point I have no plans to discuss them only to say that I am in a better, though still potentially precarious, place than I was before, and future entries will reflect that.

I realize that although I have an innate need to speak from the innermost reaches of my mind sometimes, I must learn to temper my thoughts and proceed with caution and awareness for others. Therefore, as you can already see, I’ve begun to do more of what this blog was originally meant for, and that is to promote my writing first and foremost. Of course I will continue to post music videos and lyrics, and sometimes even entries about Sundays. Part of my writing is my life, and so that will never go away. But I will be speaking from a better place from here on, whatever that means, and so I hope you continue to enjoy this blog. Thanks again for reading!

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