Thursday, March 8, 2012

Doing Something - Do You Know Who Joseph Kony Is?

On February 27th, I posted a Macy Gray video as Song of the Day. The song is called "Do Something," and that is the purpose of this post. You see, the video below was sent to me a couple of days ago, and though much longer than the average attention span of most at 30 minutes in length, it is well worth watching. It has nothing to do with Madonna or Rihanna or any roller coaster, but the message is an important one, one with which we can all "do something."

Before I saw this video, I had never heard of Joseph Kony, and I'm pretty sure most of you haven't either. I will let the video speak for itself...again, it is worth the time spent to watch...but I will tell you that Joseph Kony is one bad man! He commits acts that would make our hairs stand on end if they were perpetrated here in the United States.

Kony is the leader of a guerilla group called the Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA, in the African country of Uganda. Since the mid-1980's he has committed atrocities, many involving the abduction and exploitation of children as soldiers and sex slaves. His group has been responsible for a more than 20-year nightmare for the people of Uganda and its neighboring countries of The Republic of the Congo, Sudan and South Sudan, yet we've never heard of him...until now.

You see, Uganda is not a source of oil, or anything else that we as a country would be interested in protecting for our own purposes. Little has been done by the international community on behalf of the Ugandan people. Kony is far more dangerous to his people than Saddam Hussein ever was, yet there has been very little done by us to help his people.

T.R.I. is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of Kony in the hopes of his eventual capture and the salvation of the "Invisible Children" who have been atrociously victimized by his unrelenting thirst for blood. They've got a plan to help, and they've already received some noteworthy attention, but they need more. Rather than reiterate what is in the video and on their website, I simply pass on their message below in the hopes that even more people will see it and do something. Please watch!

Please check out Invisible Children to learn more.

Thanks D!

Image Source: The Star

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