Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5th, 2012 - New Blogrolls; A Madonna High; Another Madonnathon Coming this Summer

It's Monday night and another long first day of the week is behind us, thank goodness! Today was a long, busy day at school followed by some much needed chores around the house. I am looking forward to sleep, but I wanted to share a couple of things before I headed there...

New Blogrolls

I added a new feature as a part of the slow makeover of this blog over the weekend and I hope you'll find it useful. To the left and down towards the bottom of the blog I've begun to add a couple of blogrolls. These are a few of several blogs I keep up with for the latest in music and entertainment and of course there's a separate list for Madonna blogs. Each one shows the most recent post and all you have to do is give it a click to read more. Since I work a full time job and can't always stay on top of things, this is a great way for my readers to find out more!

A Madonna High and another Madonnathon

Yes, I am still on a Madonna high after that M.D.N.A.thon on Friday night, and I've got some great news to share for those of you who live in the Long Island area. Several of my contacts have been posting about the event on Facebook all weekend, one of whom is DJ Susan Levine. Earlier today I suggested that they do one of these Madonnathons at Cherry's on the Bay on Fire Island this summer and guess what? They already are!

Yes folks, I am not exactly sure of any of the details, but I do know that Cherry's will be hosting some sort of Madonna event on Sunday, August 26th, which is perfect because it's only about a week before Madge hits Yankee Stadium for two shows the first week of September, both of which I will be in attendance thank you very much. So stay tuned either here or my Examiner page for more on it as it gets closer and more details become available. YES!

NYC Mdna-thon photo gallery

In the meantime, check Madonna's World here for their own review of last Friday's event along with a whole bunch of pictures.

Well, that's all she wrote for tonight...5AM comes pretty early so I'm going to say goodnight. I'm going to finish with a one of several cool photos I've been saving on my pc to share here eventually. It's a cool one of a water spout and I figured since tornadoes have been in the news the past couple of days, it was a good time to share it. Unfortunately I do not have the source information for the photo, and so if anyone out there happens to know that info, please contact me. It's a very cool shot, I think!

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