Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Open Your Eyes - It's Up to You

It's Up to You

It’s hard to know where to begin
But I guess I’ll say first and foremost
That I love you baby sister
And I want you to be happy
Everyone does

You say we’ve all abandoned you
But that’s not true
We all love you and
We’ve been tormented for a very long time
By the path that you’ve chosen to take

It’s not your lifestyle that drives us away
Or maybe it is
Only it’s not the lifestyle you say it is
That keeps us at arms’ length
Believe what you believe, but you’re wrong

It’s curious, and I mean no ill with this
But it’s funny how we only hear your voice
In times of trouble
Relationships are a two way street
And we deserve to get some of the good with the bad

One of the most difficult things in life
Is watching a loved one make a mistake
Or two, or three, or more
There’s nothing you can do, really
Except pass on your own wisdom and hope for the best

Life is full of mistakes
Everybody makes them
But the key to a happier life
Is recognizing the error in the choices you’ve made
And learning not to make the same ones again and again

No one has the power to change someone else’s life
Not with money or advice or even just an ear
No, that power lies within yourself
The ultimate honor and oath of taking responsibility
For the situation you find yourself in now and forevermore

No, you haven’t been abandoned
Just left to your own devices
By the ones who have all realized by now
That this train wreck can only be stopped by you
No longer can we participate in feeding into your madness

You say you’re going through a rough time
We’ve all heard that one before
Many times over
This time we choose to let you fly on your own
For on your own is the only way you will get through the storm

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