Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Wednesday - Good Stuff and Lots of Music News

Other than a couple of pieces on Examiner, the rest of this week's stuff appeared here on John's World. Here's the rundown:


10th Annual Hamptons Restaurant Week coming March 18th

Restaurant Weeks have become a popular and fun way to enjoy dining out, and in a little over a week, the East End of Long Island is putting on its' 10th Annual Hamptons Restaurant Week.

LGBT Community of Long Island is finally abuzz with activity

The LI LGBT community has been abuzz with activity lately, and this piece recaps all of the special events, new clubs, and online communities that have been popping up all over the place.

John's World

M.D.N.A.thon at Splash

My recap of last Friday's Madonnathon at Splash in NYC. What a night!

Recovering; Tornadoes; We Have a Winner; Happy Birthday Blanchie!

New Blogrolls; A Madonna High; Another Madonnathon Coming this Summer

These are two of my personal journal-type posts this week. This is one of the kinds of posts that got me started with this blog and I hope to keep up with them more often in the coming weeks. Good stuff here, so check em out!

Music Items on John's World

I love to share the many exciting things I hear going on in the music world, and this week there was plenty of good stuff:

Song of the Day - It's All About U - SWV

I posted an SWV "Song of the day" after learning that these fabulous women of 90's R&B are coming back. Very excited!

Florence + The Machine Releasing an MTV Unplugged Album

The title says it all! Click on the article for more...

The Wanted to Return to US for TV Appearances

The latest hot boy band from the UK are riding a high with their song "Glad You Came," and they're back in the States for another spell of appearances.


The most exciting music item of the week came as a surprise, as one of my favorite singer/songwriters is coming back with a new record!

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